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12 Free Files Every Month – Envato Elements Features Will Make You Surprise

Wondering what unique to do with your new websites or digital projects? We all know how important it is to create a stunning website or page with all the best features in order to attract attention from all the four corners. Be it a theme, pictures, videos, templates or graphics, one has to be very creative in today’s online world to grab the eyeballs. Well, Envato elements is the best way out. It provides subscription service to its customers or designers who are looking for impressive and unique graphic assets, business management tools as well as educational resources along with 12 free files every month. Although, it offers a rich collection of audio and video, and digital products, but it’s eye-catching themes are exceptional and highly recommended.

Envato elements provides great offerings to budding businesses which one cannot say no to. Since 2016, Envato elements theme features and its resources are great to talk amongst the people. If you are a designer in graphics or into web developing then there are thousands of reasons to get your hands on Envato elements subscription.

Envato elements features which are worth of anything

Here are some of the features which are different and provide an immense amount of benefit to the businesses:

  • Unlimited downloads

Sticking to limited image resources can create a strong wall against your assets and this is a real problem for all. Therefore, having a subscription of Envato elements there is no limit to downloading assets. This will help you to have the right to use resources or themes from Envato elements whenever one wants and for an unlimited number of times.

  • More than 1800 WordPress themes as well as plugins

Envato Elements has a great collection of plugins as well as theme which are beneficial in creating WordPress websites. Also, all these themes provide great features on an individual level. Envato element themes usability is also par excellence and not disappointing.

Even if one is not into WordPress websites then it also provides other options. For instance, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, CMS templates, etc. There are various templates and designs to choose from. One can easily make a stunning website with the help of Envato Elements themes and templates.

  • Stock videos up to 800, 000

Managing your content with videos is an impressive way to captivate the attention of the masses. Thus, Envato elements are here to the rescue because it provides up to 800,000 video stocks. And this does not end here, broadcast packages, titles, motion graphics and a lot more than this.

  • 130,000 plus graphic templates

The library of Envato elements is filled with gorgeous graphics which will be beneficial for the users during the initial days of their business. However, there is a lot more in this category to look up to such as:

  1. 3D objects up to 30,000
  2. More than 1000’s of backgrounds, textures, patterns, etc.
  3. Vector illustrations
  4. Print templates, logos as well as product mockups, etc.
  5. Add-ons like Photoshop actions, layer styles, Lightroom presets, etc.

  • Audio tracks

A good audio quality is a must whether one is working on a video, podcast, or on an application. Envato elements provide a great range of music tracks, sounds effects of about 170,000, logos, etc. Everything is available for you under one roof.

Why get a subscription of Envato Elements?

There are endless reasons to get a subscription of Envato elements but however, here are some of the major reasons:

  • It provides simple licensing. It provides lifespan commercial licenses on its assets.
  • There is a freedom to cancel the subscription whenever one wants to.
  • The students get the benefit of 30% off on subscription.
  • It provides 12 freebie files every month.


Envato Elements is the leading way to success. Therefore, you do not want to miss a chance at this. It is an essential one-stop for all creative graphic and web designers who are looking for stunning and exclusive themes, templates and all essential digital products under one roof.


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