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HubSpot’s $271 Million Inbound Lead Generation Machine

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Any marketer who is trying to build business online cannot miss on Hubspot’s immense growth. Hubspot has become the most important participant in the SMB software market. The unbelievable growth revenue of Hubspot is 49% from the last year. The extreme growth clearly can be seen from $181.9M to $271M last year. Its traffic rank in the virtual marketing tech space is at number 5 all across the globe. Hubspot marketing tool is now leading among the biggest players in marketing. The platform offers a phenomenal growth rate to inbound marketers, and a one-stop platform to manage all marketing tasks or activities;

Some result-proven tactics used by HubSpot that helped them to become a multi-million dollar company, and a leading player in the world of online marketing.

Here are some of the tactics and strategies which are used by HubSpot and can be beneficial for inbound marketers in the long run:

  • Botbook content collaboration to increase website traffic with leading industry players

Hubspot will help the inbound marketers to bring forward their website in front of mass audiences through content collaboration or partnership. One of the best examples is the Chatfuel content partnership. HubSpot teamed up with Chatfuel in order to create an eBook which is hard to resist or to not download.

Under this partnership with Chatfuel there are 3 key elements:

  1. 2 experts from the industry which mean highest the advantage of the knowledge
  2. The content which is done in collaboration with Chatfuel brings a new audience because Chatfuel’s domain simultaneously shares that same content.
  3. Hubspot practices FB botbook landing page which are used to provide an eBook or u can say BotBook.
  • Hubspot benefits in getting Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs in guest writing for the blog

ThinkGrowth is the leading HubSpot publication intermediate. Initially, it was but later branded as This intermediate publication helps HubSpot in generating 333,000 website visitors every month.

This helps in providing interesting and precise content that bonds with each reader. The launch of Hubspot on the medium was done on the ground to engage readers from direct platforms such as Facebook, medium as well as podcasts.

However, the ultimate process leads HubSpot to potential writers which were beneficial in two ways:

  1. Inside company recommendation from someone.
  2. Earlier association as of the growth show podcast.
  • Biggest social media platforms which will benefit in promoting the content to seek traffic up to 1 million every month

However, the social media traffic accounts for 2.54% with respect to HubSpot’s entire traffic but it helps in getting 1million traffic every month. The biggest social media platforms where one should emphasis there attention on are YouTube, LinkedIn as well as Facebook.

Hubspot has a video strategy on Facebook which helps in getting excellent views, likes, and comments. On the other hand, HubSpot has efficiently turned its videos on Facebook into lead magnets.

Also, it has simulated the same method on its YouTube channels. Whereas, on LinkedIn, HubSpot has 191,000 followers. It helps you to acquire high-quality leads with the help of sponsored content in the LinkedIn feed.

  • HubSpot helps you to make your visitors stay on your website for over 6 minutes with the help of it’s incredible tool ‘Content Stacking’

HubSpot pays a lot of attention to content marketing and SEO. It makes use of hundreds of generic key phrases, including Website Leads, Grow Email List etc that rank on the first page of Google. One can easily access incredibly valuable content from HubSpot that lead to low bounce rate and higher time on the site. Thus, one can use Content Stacking to make people read your content for over 6 minutes which will help you to get the conversion easily. The 3 prominent content stack that HubSpot uses are blog content, downloadable pdf guide content, and resource-based content, including courses, templates and webinars.

  • HubSpot’s Community Marketing which generates over $100M revenue per year.

HubSpot has a community marketing learning online hub called which helps marketers to learn new tricks, lessons and get new jobs in the world of online marketing. This online hub generates over 300,000 visitors every month for HubSpot. Thus, it gets this traffic to all it’s community in 3 ways:

Through community members who straight away go to the site for login

Organic search traffic

Social traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Thus, one can make blog category pages likewise to get organic SEO traffic. Just put keyword in the URL slug, headline followed by the short descriptions of articles, jobs etc.

To build a strong community, it also has a special feature called Chatbot where you can ask all marketing related questions to get answers.

Thus, it’s really fruitful for inbound marketers to build a community related to their brand in order to make people or your customers successful.

  • Paid Searches Funnels helps HubSpot to become richer day by day

HubSpot also invests moderate time and money on paid search ads every month. They advertise their free CRM in order to convince SMBs to upgrade to paid version. In order to get the maximum benefits, HubSpot has tried number of different offers in last couple of years, including:

Free price quote

30 day free trial

Free marketing guides

Thus, it’s important for inbound marketers to run special offers while going for paid search ads. Just recognize the main keywords of your business in order to reach out to the people and their expectations. Pick a set of keywords with an offer that hit your searchers intent, and then group them into search intent keyword ad groups. The 3 main search intent keyword ad groups that are used by HubSpot are CRM keywords, Branded keywords, and Branded Inbound Marketing Keywords.

Top Takeaways from HubSpot Marketing strategy of multi-million dollar

  • Collaborate with the top-notch players in the related industries to create an impressive partnership and content
  • Improve your B2B prospects with the help of LinkedIn sponsored ads.
  • Make use of blog and link your high quality free downloadable guides to grow your market and reach.
  • Keep researching high quality marketing keywords and topics
  • Get in touch with top-notch influencers in the industry for guest blogging and share your audience to expand your reach.
  • Create a community and connect with your customers as much as possible.
  • You should target micro-influencers on Instagram by making use of common hashtag.
  • Focus on customer retention programs with the help of your sales people and rewarding them with commission.
  • Collect and research every minute data of your customers in order to know their next move
  • Make a free software tool to extend support to your customers round the clock
  • Make use of Facebook Messenger Bot and other social media platforms to generate leads for your business.


There are many more strategies and tactics which are adopted by HubSpot to benefit inbound marketers. From the last 8 years, HubSpot has reached the heights of success and went from 0 to $100 M plus revenue along with IPO. It has an audience of more than 6 Million people which is the reason its audience is known as the biggest in the software industry. Their inbound marketers have seen the best progress in the last few years.


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