10 Rare Animals That are on the Verge of Extinction


We already know about animal & bird species that have gone extinct like dodo & quagga. All thanks to pollution, deforestation, hunting and habitat deconstruction caused by human beings. Many of us surely regret the extinction and are mending ways to stop the extinction of many more animals. But do you know which species come under the endangered specie zone?? If not, we have brought to you the info about many animals that on the verge of extinction.
Have a look at this list and spread the awareness-

Tonkin Snub Nosed Monkey

This is a rare breed of monkeys who look quite snobbish. And this specie is among the endangered ones. The animal has a flat face with pink nose. These monkeys bear a combination of many colors. The upper part is black, under parts are white, then there is a patch of orange on the throat & the tail has a white tip. There are fewer than 250 monkeys existing, and it was explored long back in 2008. These monkeys are found only in northern Vietnam.

Bladder nosed Seal

Bladder nosed seals are also known as hooded seals. The name clearly states the shape and size of the nose. It is found only in the central and western North Atlantic. These seals are grey or white in color with black spots on the body. The hooded seal is protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.


The desman is a snouted insectivore. There are two Eurasian species belonging to Russia and Pyrenees. They have webbed paws suitable for digging. Both the species are considered endangered.


Takahe is a bird which cannot fly. Yes, you read it right, it’s a bird that cannot fly due to underdeveloped breast muscles. These birds were found largely at one point of time in New Zealand. Somewhere in 1898, this bird was considered extinct but later takahe was discovered in an isolated valley of New Zealand.


Vaquita is a specie of porpoise which is only found in the northern part of Gulf of California. It is on the verge of extinction due to illegal gillnet fishery. This specie is the most endangered marine mammal species. As per the estimates made in 2000s, there are around 150 to 300 vaquitas left and there has been a rapid decline in the number over the years. The number came down to 60 in 2016 and around 15 in 2018.


Fossa is a catlike carnivore that is found on the Island of Madagascar. It looks much like a cat and weighs around 5 to 8 kgs. The claws are semi-retractable & has flexible ankles. The body structure enables this animal to climb trees.


This is a type of unicorn that is found only in Vietnam & Laos. It is among the rarest animal on this planet and is related to cattle, goats and antelopes.

Spix Macaw

Spix Macaw also known as Blue Macaw, is found in Brazil. The bird is a type of parrot which weighs around 300 gms & is comparatively smaller than most macaws. It has various shades of blue & thus is known as blue macaw.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Sea turtles are unique turtles with a soft leathery shell. The leather back turtles are found in all tropical and subtropical oceans & its range extends into the Artic Circle as well.

Ili Pika

Ili Pika is a mammal which is found only in northwest China. This mammal is declining rapidly and is among the endangered species. In 2015, total 29 live sightings were recorded.