Interesting Traits of your Favorite Dogs



This breed of dog loves to roam and enjoy with the family. In case, the dog gets bored, it wouldn’t mind dragging the house stuff & creating a mess.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is quite popular in America. It is an intelligent dog and is known for its loyal nature. It loves his owner like no other dog!

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog might look small, but its standards are high. It is considered the most popular toy breed owing to its beautiful looks & devotion towards its owner.


Pugs love to sleep and enjoy eating food. These are known for their fun-loving & humorous nature.Pugs are the cutest dogs and are bred as lap dogs.


Rottweilers are strong dogs which can turn out angry and furious at times. These dogs are often found serving the military as military dogs.


Boxers are high energy and playful dogs. These dogs love human companionship. Such dogs are often seen slobbering.


Pekingese dogs don’t usually get along well with other dogs. The copious coat of these dogs needs daily care. It would not be wrong to call them attention seekers.


Pitbulls are great with children. These are very gentle to kids and are really obedient and playful.


Pomeranians might look small but are quite agile. These dogs love being pampered and enjoy being a family friend.


These dogs are very friendly in nature & love to play in fresh air. This breed of dog is gentle, loving & caring. Dirt baths are favorite kind of baths.


Dachshunds are good at digging. This breed of dog plays the role of excellent companion. The height of these dogs is quite low.

St. Bernard

This breed of dog has been used to guard houses in Switzerland. These dogs too love the comfort of homes and are really obedient.


Poodles have an awesome regal attitude. Affection is one quality that can be expected of them.