Scala Hosting Review 2020: Is Scala Hosting Any Good or Not?

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Are you looking for beneficial web hosting options? Well, there are many options or providers available in the market for web hosting but very limited can satisfy your needs. However, there is one reputed web hosting brand named, Scala hosting, which is offering exceptional hosting services followed by great deals to it’s customers. Scala Hosting is known for its in-house security answers as well as fast-hosting.

If you want a hosting server that is power-packed with performance, impressive prices, outstanding features then Scala hosting can be the best option for you. It supports both small and big businesses, and websites. It also offers them the space to grow. With Scala hosting your website can compete equally in the market.

Apart from all this, it also offers VPS, WordPress, resellers, and much more.

Scala Hosting

Stunning Features of Scala Hosting

  • Hosting options – scala hosting has three options of hosting to choose from: shared hosting, managed VPS, and, self-managed VPS. Whether you have a small or big business, all these hosting options are reliable. But the best of all is shared hosting because it further comes with three plans and has variables like disk space plus bonus features.
  • Strong VPS and SPanel control panel – having a strong VPS is essential for a successful and trouble-free website. Therefore, scala hosting strong VPS which provides enough resources and in-built security. It also supports uber-fast NGINX technology. On the other hand, it has features such as backups, SSL integration as well as custom statistics, etc.
  • SShield protection – being in online business and not worrying about hackers is foolish. Scala hosting, for such reasons, provides SShield protection from hackers. Therefore, your website will be in safe hands.
  • Access to WordPress – another feature of Scala hosting is that it offers WordPress service. Within one click, users can have access to WordPress. Many companies do not lend a hand when trouble comes up. But with Scala hosting offering WP plugin, you will able to handle website errors, incompatibilities, etc. You can manage it yourself or can hire an expert.

Scala Hosting

Apart from these features, there are features like automatic updates, free malware scans, free CDN, migration as well as SEO tools, etc.

Scala hosting price packages for users

While purchasing any web hosting price matters a lot. In the case of scala hosting, the price is genuine and affordable. There are various packages which one can choose as per there convenience.

  • Mini plan – this plan is for $5.95 per month with a web space of 50GB. It works amazingly for one website/blog.
  • Start plan – it is for $8.95 per month. It is best suitable for managing unlimited websites.
  • Advanced plan – this plan is suitable for unlimited sites and provides SEO analysis as well. The plan is for $13.95 per month.
  • Managed VPS – this plan comes with a lot of benefits. It supports 20GB SSD space, SPanel control panel, SEO analysis, blacklist for IP address, daily backups under the price of $13.95 for one month.

Benefits of Scala Hosting

  • First off, it offers a standard 30-days money-back guarantee, unlike other hosting service providers in the market.
  • It’s customer support team is very knowledgeable and capable enough to assist you with all your questions related to hosting and technical glitches.
  • It’s uptime is simply incredible and far better than other hosting service providers in the market.
  • The hosting plans start at very affordable rates. One doesn’t need to burn a hole in his pocket to take a hosting plan for a month or an year.
  • It offers free-of-cost SSL installation & configuration.
  • One can easily make a website with Scala hosting because it offers various hosting packages, including Mini, Start, Advanced and eCommerce. Every plan offers good resources to create websites. It also offers multiple tools to build and manage a couple of websites simultaneously from 1 control panel. Thus, one doesn’t need to follow an old way of using cpanel.

Scala Hosting


Without a doubt, Scala is a web hosting provider that has almost every feature to support your website. Plus, you get great benefits with its monthly plans. Right from the flawless hosting service to rich features to incredible performance to excellent uptime for websites, it offers everything that one actually seeks in a hosting platform. Therefore, Scala Hosting is a gem that you cannot afford to ignore.


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