What Is SOCIALOOMPH? How Does It Work?

SocialOomph offers a multitude of useful features, particularly in the area of social media automation. While you may not need all of its functionality all the time, several aspects of SocialOomph are highly valuable.

SocialOomph is a solution for streamlining your online media marketing efforts across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It provides both free and paid services to enhance the productivity of social media users.


If you’re specifically interested in automating your Twitter advertising, the Twitter Unlimited feature may be the perfect fit for you. This option only provides access to Twitter and not other social networks, making it ideal for individuals who want to concentrate all their efforts on this platform.

The functionality available for Twitter Unlimited can be divided as follows:

Posting – You can post content, schedule posts, upload content to be posted, send tweets via email, enable short URLs, and clear any DMs in your account.

Following – You can automatically follow people and send a DM automatically (not recommended).

Monitoring – You can monitor tweets related to channels set up by Social Oomph, such as tweets from celebrities, artists, etc. (This is not very useful, but with the professional version, you can set up your monitoring). You can receive an email with a summary of any tweets related to specific keywords, monitor your retweets or mentions, and view statistics related to any short URLs you’ve shared or other metrics such as your subscriber count.


Out of all the features offered by Twitter Unlimited, I would say the most impressive one is the ability to create a queue of tweets that are repeated over time. For example, you can set it up so that your older blog posts are regularly shared on Twitter. This is a great way to keep your content in front of your followers and drive traffic to your blog.


The Professional release gives you all the Twitter usefulness above, alongside the accompanying Twitter highlights:

  • Run Twitter searches to discover an individual’s worth after.
  • Track contenders’ supporters.
  • Naturally, make Twitter records, for instance, you can make a rundown of individuals who notice your name.
  • Different controls are set up to remove any malicious or inferior-quality Twitter accounts. This implies that you are just taking a gander at the great ones.
  • Send booked updates from Facebook, LinkedIn (gatherings, pages, and individual updates), Plurk, and
  • Set up an RSS channel to post substance from your blog.
  • Submit updates to social channels using email (your entire group could do this).
  • Deal with your Twitter accounts through the Tweet cockpit.

Different highlights: there are other, more modest highlights additionally accessible, for example, the capacity to appoint account executives to your associate.

How does it work?

When you create great content that remains relevant over time (content that is just as valid now as it was 6 months ago, or as it will be in 6 months), why not share it repeatedly? Given the time and effort you put into writing amazing blog posts, it makes sense to give them more exposure by sharing them multiple times.

You can easily do this with Social Oomph.

You create a queue of content and Social Oomph will randomly select items from the queue regularly, and send them out at the times you specify. Here’s how to set it up:

Create a queue reservoir

To set it up, you create a queue and specify details such as how frequently SocialOomph should post content from the queue, which days you want content taken from the queue, the start date, etc. These details allow you to customize your content-sharing schedule to best suit your needs.


Configure your queue reservoir

Now, you need to add content to the queue. The following interface is used for creating both regular and scheduled updates for the various social platforms.

Bulk Loading Updates

You can create a file filled with social media updates and then import it into SocialOomph. Once it’s imported, you can have all your web addresses shortened and automatically add your updates to a queue. This makes it easy to bulk upload your content and saves you time and effort compared to manually entering each update.


Create your updates and then import them

Create updates via email

This is a convenient feature (available only with professional licensing). You can send updates to social networks via email. For example, if you want to send a tweet to Twitter, you put the tweet text in the subject line of the email. If you want to add a URL to the tweet, you can add it to the body of the email. This allows you to post updates to your social media accounts even when you’re away from your computer, making it easier to stay active and engaged on social media.


SocialOomph Pricing



  • I used to suggest SocialOomph in my blog entries.”
  • “Cleanse it on SocialOomph. Additionally, it’s allowed to use on Twitter.”
  • “I truly preferred their Purge Tweet include. Got a revision you need to do.”
  • “On the off chance that I need to react to somebody I need to go into Twitter and answer, yet I have the consolation that my record is dynamic.”


  • “It’s not so natural sorting out the right ideal opportunity to leave between posts.”
  • “Have very little to say about what I hate.”
  • “They continue to offer master/premium highlights constantly to the point that occasionally it gets irritating.”
  • “The one thing I miss (which numerous others offer) is a schedule format to have the option to see your timetable on that sort of matrix.”


“I am extremely satisfied with SocialOomph. It has made my tweeting experience much more convenient and manageable. Plus, the customer service is amazing! The time-restricted tweet feature is so useful! No more outdated information that confuses followers.”