What is Deliverr? What Are Deliverr Key Features and Pricing?

About Deliverr

A new company called Deliverr offers shipping services to e-commerce companies. It is situated on the American continent.

Deliverr is an online retailer. They coordinate through eCommerce sites like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Two-day shipping is an option that Shopify and BigCommerce provide to retailers who sell on Walmart’s online marketplaces.


Video Overview

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33 technological items and services are used by Deliverr. Google Analytics, HTML5, and

According to G2 Stack, jQuery

According to BulitWith, Deliverr actively utilizes 56 technologies on its website.

SPF, Viewport Meta, and iPhone/Mobile Compatible are a few of these.



Delivery ECommerce Marketplace
Logistics Shipping  


Founded Date

– 2017


– Harish Abbot, Michael Krakaris

Operating Status

– Active

Headquarters Region

– San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US


Deliverr Feature

  • Inbound shipment tracking
  • Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Tags
  • Billing
  • Exposure on Marketplaces


Pricing & Free Trial

This business has a distinctive pricing structure that is as simple and open as it can be.

You can look at a few stock-keeping units (SKUs) for a few of your products when you sign up. This bar code demonstrates that a number was given by the retailer in an effort to help manage inventory. Watch how some of your products respond to quick delivery. We’ll convert you.

Two fees—storage and fulfillment—replace the other costs associated with shipping the products out and sending them. This covers the pick-up, packaging, shipping, and handling associated with this purchase.

The costs per item are determined by its characteristics, including its weight, size, and level of support.


Fulfillment Pricing: starting at $3.99 per unit

depending on the weight, size, and service level of each unit completed. include shipping, managing orders, and certain packaging and box costs.

There are now three service tiers offered by the company.

The first is a normal shipment, which takes five to seven days.
The fastest level is expedited delivery, which is actually the fastest delivery conceivable. The next level is three-day delivery, which is much faster but not the fastest. This could put even the smallest eCommerce outlet in direct competition with vendors who use Amazon FBA.

The filling starts at $3.99 per unit

Monthly storage rates start at $0.72 per cu ft.


Standard Cost

  • A small item such as a phone case weighing 1.5oz: $3.99 per unit
  • A product like protein powder weighing 1.25lb:$5.95 per unit
  • A larger item like an espresso machine weighing 12lb:$10.21 per unit
  • A heavier unit like a computer monitor weighing 17lb: $17.98 per unit


Total Product Active
Active Tech Count


With all you understand today, you’re thinking about using Deliverr’s fulfillment service for your e-commerce company.

To help you make an educated decision, we have provided a quick pro-con list. This Can Help You weigh up whether this is the Ideal service for your business.

  • Deliverr offers an affordable and easy pricing structure
  • Deliverr’s positioned warehouses across the united states guarantee 95 percent of clients are eligible for 2-day shipping
  • Their algorithmic approach helps merchants divide their inventory across Deliverr’s network of fulfillment warehouses.
  • Fast-shipping tags boost your merchandise in search engine results
  • Deliverr integrates with all major online marketplaces, plus Shopify (the most popular online shop builder).
  • Deliverr offers fast and reliable satisfaction.


Deliverr Review

Deliverr is a reputable order fulfillment company that places a strong emphasis on marketplace vendors.

Deliverr offers over 95% of American customers a convenient and quick shipping service despite not giving merchants much in the way of personalization or control over the fulfillment process.

If you sell products through an online marketplace, expanding your presence there is definitely more important to you than creating your own brand.

If so, speedy shipping tags may help you rise in the ranks of customer searches.

Deliverr is an economical service, making it suitable for a variety of sellers, including those who are just starting out. Deliverr offers a practical solution if shipping and fulfillment are a major problem or if there are no other fast and free transport options available.

You might be better off looking for a different solution that gives you greater control over your branding and visibility during the fulfillment process.