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NameCheap Review- In-Depth Performance, Stability, Security, Features Analysis

Searching a good web hosting company demands lots of energy, time, and effort. Business owners and web developers are well aware of the complications of opting for a top-rated web hosting service provider. We have come up with a NameCheap web hosting review to you for making things easier yet effective for you. The NameCheap hosting services, as per experts of the industry, is one of the best options for small businesses, freelancers, and bloggers of the industry. Before you make any decision about going for hosting services for your business, this overview article will help you to get an idea about what you should expect from this NameCheap hosting.


NameCheap Web Hosting Services Overview:


Before NameCheap rating, we have taken the initiative of expressing our opinion about this web hosting company. The rating is done after going through the extensive process of reviews by our experts. In this web hosting review, we have analyzed every aspect of services. From pros, cons, features, general info, web hosting deals to website hosting prices, every intricate details are mentioned in these article pieces to give you a clarity that why you should opt for it and if it’s not, then why not.

What We do Before We Make A  Review Article?

The review process though simple but takes quite a lot of time and patience. Experts from the analysis team have gone through these steps to make sure that their ratings and reviews are precise.

The first step of the process starts with signing up with the web hosting deal presented by the web hosting service provider.

Then, our specialized team members set up an empty WordPress site like other customers.

Once the above step is done, we jump to the next step of monitoring. In this phase, we check the performance of the hosting service. Monitoring of Uptime, load time, and stability are also done.

After the performance, we also concentrate on other features, security, web hosting price, limitations, and customer support.

Once we are done with all the above-mentioned steps, we concluded with ratings and reviews.

At the final stage, our team publishes web hosting reviews.

General Info of NameCheap Hosting


Let’s get started with the general info of NameCheap Web hosting to know the basic information found by our expert technical team members.

NAME: NameCheap
BANDWIDTH: Unmetered across the board
STORAGE: 50GB (SSD) space for the biggest plan, whereas 20GB for the smallest; unmetered (For Medium offering)
DOMAIN NAMES: Not Included
PAYMENT OPTION: PayPal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, Debit and Credit cards
SITE TRANSFER: Free Migration from cPanel Hosting
PRICING: 50 MySQL databases (Smallest Plan), Unlimited for the other two together with PostgreSQL.
UPSELLS: Nothing Notable

(The occasional product has given the boost not in a prominent way in the customer area.

EMAIL The smallest plan consists of 30 accounts, Unlimited (For Other Two).
ACCOUNT SETUP: Really Fast Account Activation


Types of Hosting Deals offered by NameCheap 

After the general info about NameCheap hosting services, now it’s time to get knowledge about the hosting deals NameCheap offers industries. These web hosting deals of Namecheap are planned as per the requirement of the businesses so that business owners, web developers, and freelancers can cover their targeted customer areas without facing any trouble or unnecessary hassles.

Here, we have discussed the web hosting plans of Namecheap. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, and web hosting services are included in the list of hosting plans.       

Shared Hosting

NameCheap offers its shared hosting plan to all small enterprises that exist in the market as per their requirement of small data storage space. Through this shared hosting plan, NameCheap users get the advantage of sharing one web server connected to the Internet. This sharing of space concept lessens the amortization cost of the servicing. It also lowers the burden of maintenance charge and is considered as one of the attractive options for SMBs, freelancers, and bloggers.

WordPress Hosting

The 2nd hosting service of NameCheap is WordPress hosting. It is providing customers for covering their demands of hosting their WordPress business sites. Bloggers also prefer this kind of hosting for the advantage of open-source WordPress plugins. Optimization of the WordPress platform has been done with different high-rated backups, CMS tools, automated updates, and easy settings. The customer support is also there if customers need to know anything regarding their WordPress site.

VPS Hosting Service 

Another hosting service offered by NameCheap is Virtual Private Service, in short VPS. This type of hosting service is taken quite seriously for high rated bloggers and business for its powerful and speed servicing attributes. In this hosting service, NameCheap will be provided with many resources for data storage. Neither you have to share your space nor users will face restrictions for setting up their configurations differently.

Reseller Hosting

NameCheap also provides customers with the reseller hosting option. In this option, the reseller makes the wholesale purchase and then sells the server space to other customers for retaining a maximum profit. In this case, account owners use their own space or hard drive and bandwidth for hosting websites on account of third parties.

NameCheap Web Hosting Features:  


Free Domain and Migration

Many web hosting services don’t provide customers with free migration and domain facilities. Some of them often charge for it, while others put conditions on the migration facility and domain name. When it comes to NameCheap, it is not like other web hosting service providers. Transferring a free site, without a doubt, comes under the best features of NameCheap. The migration process of NameCheap will be done without charging a huge cost from customers. The necessary help will be provided from the support team of NameCheap. The only thing you have to do is to buy one of their web hosting plans as per your requirement.

Page Loading Speed is Decent  

One thing is sure that when web developers, freelancers, bloggers, and site owners look for web hosting, they keep loading speed in their priority list. This factor is one of the important factors of hosting services that can’t be overlooked. It is known to all that nowadays, marketing strategists are emphasizing on the page loading speed of a web hosting service to ensure that the page loads quickly before customers get impatient. It is indeed a fact that slow and below average page loading speed can lower the visitor count of your page. People tend to discard the idea of opening a site with slow loading speed.

Knowing this fact full-well, NameCheap provides customers with a decent page loading speed that will help your visitors to open the page without testing their patience level.

Paste the Image of Loading Speed Here

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee Facility

If you have a site and go through the web hosting plans in detail, then you know that a money-back guarantee is considered in the market as an important feature of hosting services. NameCheap web hosting is different from service providers, which do not provide customers with no refund policy. This web hosting provider has a 30-day refund policy, which explains that if customers opted for web hosting plans don’t get satisfied with the service, then they can claim the refund within 30 days of the service.

Excellent Third Party Reviews

We have experienced some of the best customer reviews on NameCheap testimonials. We analyze these kinds of things with the utmost attention, and it is kind of a good thing that customers are happy with the features provided by NameCheap through its web hosting plans.

Value Plan is Fully Loaded   

During the review, we have opted for the base plan of the NameCheap web hosting service. Choosing the base plan comes from the strategic part of our web hosting review. We tried to see what this hosting service provider is offering in its basic plan so that we can make a comparison. The second reason for choosing the base plan is to test all the features of real data so that we can analyze its performance.

The outcomings that we have got from this analysis sharing with our readers:

The first point that surprises us is that NameCheap offers unmetered bandwidth, even when it’s on its base level plan. The plan is also empowered with standard features such as access to cPanel and WordPress apps.

The security has not gone unnoticed in the basic (cheapest) plan of NameCheap. It offers its customers a free SSL certificate. It’s for the first year, although we find it satisfying. From next year onwards, customers have to pay the charge for security.

The next thing that makes us happy is that while opting for NameCheap, customers will be showered with the feature of twice a week backup. It’s offered for giving you extra support in case things go haywire during the new site update.

50 MYSQL database is offered in the basic plan.

Other than this, three website setups can be done depending on this plan. Unlike others, Namecheap has given choices of hosting three sites. That’s a big plus.

It is a cost-saving option as 50 email addresses are included in this plan.


Poor Uptime is a Minus Point 

Uptime is a big matter, and when it comes to web hosting, people take it very seriously. The uptime of NameCheap on an average level is not satisfying for all. We have checked that the average uptime speed of NameCheap hosting is only 99.87%. It is below standard when almost 100% uptime providing hosting companies are there.   

Customer Support is No Good

The consumer support group of NameCheap is not good enough for consumers who are seeking help. When it comes to asking solutions, the executives take much time and provide you with limited solutions.

Knowledgebase articles are there, but personal help is not given when it is required. It needs to be more quick and efficient in it.

NameCheap Web Hosting Plan

NameCheap offers numerous web hosting plans for its consumers. Web hosting deals are created depending on the requirement of the server. If you are interested in knowing the web hosting price of NameCheap, look below and click Know More button below:

NameCheap Hosting Overview- Do We Recommend this Web Hosting?

We are not saying that we highly recommend NameCheap, but for beginners, it is not a bad option.


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