ProtonVPN – A Brilliant VPN With No Free Data Caps


What Is a ProtonVPN?

Sending your visitors through the tunnel keeps it concealed from anybody on the same system as you, and from the ISP that’s so keen to sell your anonymized info. A VPN also hides your true IP address, making it more difficult for advertisers to monitor throughout the internet. If you select a distant server, you can even spoof your place to look in a remote country.

VPNs are invaluable tools for improving your privacy online; however they can’t do everything. I recommend that everyone use a password manager, trigger two-factor authentication wherever it is available, and set up an antivirus program.

VPN Protocols

VPN technology has been around quite a while, and there are plenty of different flavors of encrypted tunnels to select from. I prefer VPN services that take advantage of this OpenVPN protocol, which is thoroughly assessed by virtue of being open source and also has a reputation for being reliable and fast.

ProtonVPN informs that it uses OpenVPN UDP/TCP in its own Windows app and IKEv2, another fantastic protocol, in all its Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows programs. I’d love to view it deploy OpenVPN more widely, even though that might matter less with the coming of the super fast heir apparent to OpenVPN: WireGuard. If you select a distant server, you can even spoof your location to appear in a distant country.


ProtonVPN protects your data if you’re not sure what that means, rest assured that it is a very secure algorithm. Forward Secrecy feature protects all links by generating a distinctive new encryption key each time you connect to some server.

This means that even If your encryption key were somehow compromised, then all of your data from previous links would be completely safe.

In terms of protocols, this is not the longest set of protocols we have seen, but the ones that are supported are extremely secure.

Another security feature, Secure Core, automatically routes your traffic one of a number of distinct servers in privacy-friendly nations –including Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden–before reaching your final destination. This provides a solid additional layer of security.


Is ProtonVPN Good for Torrenting?

ProtonVPN is a great The provider allows P2P file sharing on servers and retains your torrenting action private with a strict no-logs coverage .

There are several posts Related to torrenting on ProtonVPN’s site, including a guide to using BitTorrent using ProtonVPN.

Pros and Cons of ProtonVPN:


  • Five simultaneous relations
  • Safe Core (Double VPN) network, which is fast and very secure
  • Supports Bitcoin and money for anonymous payments
  • P2P torrenting is fully supported on certain servers
  • DNS leak security and kill-switch
  • No usage logs
  • Support for routers


  • WebRTC IPv6 leaks detected on Android and Windows
  • Netflix and BBC iPlayer are inaccessible


Cost and Value for Money

ProtonVPN Offers a free plan combined with 3 paid programs.

All ProtonVPN’s paid bundles deliver high-speed connections. The Plus and Visionary subscriptions include access to Secure Core servers, access to Tor servers, P2P support, and secure streaming.

The visionary plan also carries a ProtonMail subscription. The Standard strategy is very reasonably priced, while the visionary program is on the expensive side.

All programs are available in both monthly and yearly subscriptions, with little discounts provided on annual subscriptions.

If you’re interested in ProtonVPN, we recommend taking some time to think about what your most important purposes are with the VPN. This could help you decide which plan will provide you the best value.

There is no free trial provided on paid plans, but the free routine may be a good way to find out if you like the interface of the VPN. All the paid subscriptions include a 30-day, money-back guarantee, which we’ve examined and shown to be authentic.

ProtonVPN Client Service

Our biggest concern with ProtonVPN’s customer support is the lack of live chat support. When you encounter an issue with your VPN support, you don’t want to have to wait an entire day to solve the issue.

Contact ProtonVPN’s customer service staff is through email or even a support ticket.

When you submit a query to the service group, it took about 24 hours to receive a response, which is fairly typical for email support. However, we you will please with the caliber of the response.

You can also find the Response to most frequent queries on the website, which includes a useful knowledge base and setup guides.


User Experience

ProtonVPN scores important points with its user-friendly app interface.

The first time you open the App, you’re given a brief tour with pop-up tips that walk you through each one the app’s important capabilities.

The program displays available server places on the left, with your current link status on the top of the display.

There is also a clear map on the Right that marks states that have ProtonVPN servers with a triangle. A strong green triangle appears on your current server country, making it easy to see your current status and where you are connected.

Ease of Use

  • ProtonVPN is extremely user-friendly. The download and installation process is quick and straightforward, and there are native programs available for all major platforms.
  • When you open the ProtonVPN app, you’ll be able to see a beneficial tour of the qualities. The interface is slick and appealing.
  • One of the greatest things you can do using the app is save link profiles that have different configurations. This makes it easy to utilize ProtonVPN for many different functions without having to manually alter your settings each time.


ProtonVPN-Final Verdict

With robust Security and proven regard for solitude, it’s clear the ProtonVPN is a top-shelf provider for anybody concerned about staying protected online.

Its attractive, user-friendly App has one of the greatest designs that we’ve seen. This VPN also has plenty of good Features for streamers and torrent fanatics.

It drops short on a few important elements, but such as diverse support stations, rate, and wallet-friendly prices.


And all of the geo-unblocking technology from the world is no good if your streaming session is slow. If you are following speedy streaming, check out one of these vendors instead.


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