Top Anti-Virus Software for Android Smartphones and Tablets


Letting people know about negative aspects of any particular situation can be little tricky. But first things have to be first. Such is the case with Android smart phones. Though Androids come up with lot of great customization, these can be really vulnerable to hacks and internet attacks. As a result of which, there can be a massive loss, in terms of your personal information, confidential data, photos, etc. The good news is that you can actually protect your Android through downloading an antivirus app.
Android antivirus apps are more or less similar to the antivirus software downloaded for your PC. The trick is to install the app and scan all the files on your phone. It even checks the files that you might have downloaded inadvertently. As and when the scan is completed, the app sends an alerts regarding the problems. Few of these apps also have many more qualities other than preventing viruses. Some of these bonus features are anti-theft controls. These features give you the ability to find and track your lost or misplaced phones. Other apps provide features like phone and message filters allowing you filtration of unknown and unwanted numbers. Certain apps are even designed with alarms and flashlights.
Many companies provide both free and paid versions of their apps. Despite all the good qualities, there are some drawbacks to downloading antivirus apps. Such applications generally tend to hold up a decent amount of space and consume battery life.
Processing speed can also be affected and barrage you with irritating notifications. In order to play safe, here are our top picks applications that offer antivirus.

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is known for its flawless malware protection and its massive range of features starting at $15 a year. It has been downloaded by more than 5 million paid downloads. It is even known for its malware scanner that has 100% detection rate. The app detects malicious content and avoids tampering your phone. 

2. Norton Mobile

When you are worried about the safety of your Android, downloading Norton is the best choice. Norton is a popular and reputed brand and does its job the best. It scans your Wi-Fi connection and tells you whether its secure or not. Not only this, it also scans for malware, spyware and viruses that are harmful for your android. The software allows you to block SPAM and junk calls. It stands in the competition because of its smart integration with Google Play to show you alerts about apps before downloading them. Potential risks can be easily detected.

3. Avast Mobile Security

The wide variety of features of Avast has been the reason of its more than 100 million installations. This app is loaded with features that ensure the safety and security of your Android.Avast offers a call blocker, a junk cleaner, anti-theft support, a photo vault, a Wi-Fi speed test, a RAM boost, a VPN and even a firewall. Well, Who all are downloading it now??

4. McAfee Mobile Security

Prices might surprise you but McAfee Mobile Security app has been designed with a number of great features. It does a variety of jobs like scanning for malicious code, finding risky websites and ARP spoofing attacks. The app can be used to remove unwanted files, boost battery, and monitor data usage. You can lock any sensitive content, keep a track of what your kids watch and choose your phone calls and messages.

5. Malware bytes Anti-Malware

Malware bytes’ top priority is to protect your phone mainly from malware. And the truth is that the app does a great job at handling malware. It gives real-time protection by looking for unwanted malware programs on your phone.

These are top 5 anti-virus apps that work the best. Choose one now!