Bill4time- Why It Is Considered As The Best Lawyer Software

The job of a lawyer is way more difficult than anyone can think of. Apart from handling the cases, things like timekeeping, billing, project management, etc. play a huge role in the back end. To manage such things single-handedly can be challenging for some. However, you can solve your problems with Bill4time.

About Bill4time

It is an incredible and user-friendly software that helps in tracking time and solves the problem of invoice. This is the software that is designed to fulfill the needs of lawyers and accountants. Through this software, you will able to improve your productivity and work better while handling clients and their projects effortlessly.

The main focus of this software which makes it per excellence is timekeeping and handling billing purposes. On the contrary, Bill4time is also beneficial in case management, setting daily schedules, document handling, account processes, and much more. This popular software is the best deal to work painlessly and grow better.

Impeccable Benefits of Bill4time

Bill4time is a robust software that is designed to keep track of time and handles the demands as well as the requirements of clients in this profession. The software provides complete comfort to the lawyers or accountants. One can deal with their particular projects and cases by managing them through an excel spreadsheet.

In addition, the software is highly beneficial in bill structure. Bill4time handles billing as per hours, possibilities, or as per flat rate depending on the Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES). Bill4time also offers lawyers the liberty to regulate their billing according to an attorney or the existing price rates. Users also have access to insert their logos along with texts while managing their invoices. Therefore, lawyers can have a complete customized look as well as feel while working with Bill4time.

Bill4time flawlessly incorporates payment getaways such as Quickbooks, Paypal, credit/debit cards. There is a flexibility of payment options between users and clients offered by Bill4time. Also, Bill4time enables the lawyers to save their documents and sync them as per their convenience. It is like a Dropbox with document store ability.

Whether you are into a small business, large or medium business Bill4time offers you the chance to work effectively and in a smooth way. Even freelancers can have access to Bill4time without a doubt.

An additional benefit of Bill4time is that it supports almost every device, be it Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and web-based.

Bill4time pricing offers

The pricing offers or plans of Bill4time are divided into three categories which a user can choose as per their needs:

  • Legal solo – this plan is of $30 per month which includes unlimited clients, 2GB cloud storage, accounting, reporting. Client portal, mobile apps, software support, IOLTA trust accounting, and much more.
  • Legal pro – the plan is of $50 per month with all legal solo features plus invoice excel sheet integration and data import.
  • Legal enterprise – it is available for $100 per month benefitting with all legal pro features, premium support, data fields, data import, and custom reports

Thus, every plan comes with some unique features to choose from. One can pick as per his requirement.

Final verdict

To conclude, Bill4time offers great features and benefits to the users who are looking to manage their business. On the other hand, the pricing plans for it are affordable with some real benefits. Thus, it offers unbelievable deals to grow and work with ease. Hence, if you are into a legal professional, or a practicing lawyer, then it will prove very beneficial for you to manage everything. It is a highly recommended software to make your job easier.


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