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Mohali: Trust broken due to video leak, anger in eyes, thousands of girls gathered on the streets of Mohali Latest Rags


Tremendous anger in the eyes, banner posters in hands, loud sloganeering on the tongue. Such scenes were seen in Mohali throughout the day on Sunday. Thousands of students gathered in front of the private university, raising slogans of ‘We want justice’ (we want justice). Tried to convince them many times. But he refused to back down till his demands were met.

In Mohali’s private university, the ruckus continues in the case of video leaking of girl students. Thousands of girl students are protesting in front of the university. A university student is accused of leaking a video of 50-60 girl students living in the hostel taking a bath.

The matter came to light on September 17, when the girls of the hostel alleged that a girl student had made videos of several girl students and sent them to her boyfriend. When the commotion increased, the police reached the spot as soon as the information was received. The accused student was arrested. On interrogating him, information was received about the boyfriend living in Shimla.

The next day on September 18, the ruckus intensified. Thousands of girl students protested throughout the day in the university. Here, the police launched a campaign in Shimla in search of the boyfriend and in the evening he was arrested.

Now the boyfriend is being questioned in the hope that some more important revelations can be made in the case. After the arrest of the boyfriend, on the night of 18 September, the police took a 31-year-old man into custody in Shimla. This person is also being questioned.

Announcement to end the strike at midnight

However, late night, local administration officials and university authorities held several rounds of talks with the students who were staging a sit-in to demand justice in the university campus. After that it was announced that the dharna ended late at around 1:30 pm.


University closed for 2 days

After the controversy escalated, the university administration has announced the closure of studies in the university today (September 19) and on September 20. A letter was also issued for this. According to the letter, the teaching activity will be completely closed for two days.

University claims and students’ questions

, The university administration is claiming that the accused student has only made her video and sent it to her boyfriend. Apart from this, no video of any student was made. The students have questioned this claim of the university. They say that when nothing happened then why the university has been closed for two days. Let us tell you that the university administration has announced to stop studies for two days. By issuing a letter, 2 days have been declared as Non Teaching Day.

, The university administration requested a compromise with the protesting students. It was said that the university is ready to form a committee of girl students residing in the hostel. The assurance was given to conduct a magisterial inquiry into the matter. But students also raised questions on this claim. Why was force used against them when they were protesting peacefully on Saturday, he said. Why was the copy of the FIR not given to him? The girl students allege that the cases of suicide are being hidden. Who are the girl students who tried to commit suicide? This should come to the fore.


What have the students demanded?

1. The administration should give compensation to the students who are unconscious or admitted to the hospital.

2. The protesting students have demanded that all the wardens should be changed.

3. Police should conduct transparent investigation. Students should be informed about everything.

4. New phones should be given to the students whose phones were broken during the protest.

5. The Vice-Chancellor should come and talk in front of the students and the university’s public statement on the matter should come.

Groups of students also divided

The protesting students are also divided into 2 groups. While one group has started talks with the university administration, the other group is opposing it. The protesting group demands that the girl students trapped in the 7th floor should be brought in front of everyone.

Punjab Police Statement

The statement of Punjab Police DIG Bhullar has also come to the fore in the video leak case. He said that talks are being held with the students. We have tried to tell them, we are here only to resolve this matter. According to DC Amit Talwar, 2 thousand students are involved in the demonstration. Therefore, it has been proposed to form a committee. Seven pointers of the students have been taken. Magisterial inquiry has been offered.