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Lexis Nexis

Information Technology & Services

Lexis-Nexis is among the world’s largest online database services. Online database providers are like supermarkets of databases. These solutions offer access to many different databases via one search interface.

Often, other businesses –known as database manufacturers –make the databases that are made accessible via one or more database services.

All types of databases may be accessible from database solutions, including many quite specialized databases which are not accessible from other sources.

Usually, customers of a database service are needed to have an account with the service before they can do any searches.

Research Area:

It’s such an extensive coverage of full-text publications, Lexis-Nexis provides the opportunity to perform the very detailed searching for study topics related to:

  • Any recent events or issues,
  • business, technical or financial subjects
  • any topic that may be covered by any newspaper, magazine, trade magazine, or radio or television news program
  • any legal issue.

Lexis Nexis

Type                      Subsidiary
Industry                 Information Technology & Services
Founded                 1970
Headquarters        Helmsley Building, New York City United States
Type                      Public Company
Parent                    RELX Group
Company Size        10,001 + Employees
Specialties              Global Information Solutions,Legal Services,
                             Legal Research solutions, Litigation Solution
                             And Practice Management Solutions
Website                 www.lexisnexis.com


  • Case law
  • Articles
  • Publications
  • News
  • Court Documents
  • Lawyer marketing
  • Law practice Management Tools
  • Media Monitoring Tools
  • Supply Management Tools
  • Sales Intelligence Solutions
  • Market Intelligence Tools


The Red Search Box that does so much for you!

So flexible! Search across all available content–without selecting resources. Or Retrieve the source(s) you want to search. Retrieve source files with one click.

Get full-text files you need using the citation, popular law name or Case title. Shepardize® a citation. Search with plain English–or use the terms and Connectors you’re comfortable with.

Filters that uncover just the facts you need

Select jurisdictions, content classes or clinic areas before you search and Save time. Or start filter and search results to spare time on the back end.

Point, click and narrow by time frame, subject, parties, etc. Even save And re-use the filter combinations you use most.

History that compiles and can further your research

Resume past research without missing a beat. Your searches, search Terms, documents, Shepard’s reports, email sends and other actions are stored on your History for up to 90 days.

Review background as a record or Get a graphical map view where you could compare search results and locate more, Similar documents.

Online Folders that increase your effectiveness

Save what’s important to you in online Folders–documents, text, also search Results and effective searches. Annotate documents and highlight text before saving.

Plus you are notified automatically if folder documents have changed. Click here and upgrade at no Excess charge for subscription files

Browse Topics that point you to legal topic resources

Locate a legal topic and relevant documents . Decide on a clinic area and search. Or navigate through the hierarchy.

Choose a topic, and you can do this much: Retrieve relevant documents, add it to your search, get Alert updates and review Relevant Topic Summaries.

Legal Topic Summaries that compile leading authority for you

Come up to speed on a legal topic–no hunting! Topic Summaries compile Seminal cases and other defining authority, plus outline subject elements, Standards of inspection, lack of proof, etc.  Offered in several U.S. cases and 17 authorities,1 Find Topic outline icons in full-text cases and with case headnotes.

Online Folders that increase your effectiveness

Save what is important to you in online Folders–documents, text, even hunt Results and successful searches.

Annotate files and highlight text before saving. Plus you’re notified if folder files have changed. click and upgrade at no extra charge for subscription files.


Monitors internet content, social networking, and broadcast and print media.
Provides insights and reporting.
Includes a media database and newsroom.
Monitors local, national, and international news.  

No clipping service.
No pricing information available online.  


The Lexis Nexis Interface saves time and eliminates info re-entry mistakes.

Removes the time needed to register on into the BIXG program and re-type All the data entered to DNA® (quote is 3 to 5 minutes saved per new person/member or business established )

Eliminates mistakes that are introduced when support agents are required to log into BIXG and re-enter All the demographic information to get a brand new person/member or business.

Makes up following on Red Flags simple by generating Ticklers for almost any left handed. b