Kinguin Review | How Can I Register my Affiliate Account?

Kinguin offers a seamless and affordable gaming experience to customers globally through its innovative platform.

Since its launch in 2013, it has quickly become the leading alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin, and With over 6 million users, Kinguin aims to provide exceptional service to its clients.

To achieve this, Kinguin strongly emphasizes easy access to customer support.


Aside from that, they focused on the accompanying functionalities:


  • Estimating consumer loyalty
  • Gathering data about clients
  • Talk mix
  • Look and plan an apparatus
  • Alternatives for client commitment
  • Customization choices

They tested different visit programming, but after testing LiveChat, they found it to be fantastic. Right now, they’re pleased with it and pleased to see LiveChat expanding.


How the Kinguin group deals with improving consumer loyalty


Today, live chat is the primary mode of communication for Kinguin’s customers. Their team consists of about 30 live chat specialists who handle approximately 6,000 chats daily, 24/7. Kinguin offers support in 16 languages, allowing customers from all over the world to easily communicate their issues.

To enhance customer support, Kinguin has divided its customer service team into specialized areas. This allows customers to quickly connect with the right specialist by selecting the relevant issue from a pre-chat survey.

In addition, Kinguin is constantly striving to improve the customer experience by reducing wait times on live chat. To achieve this, they have introduced Dave the Chatbot, which has been effective in minimizing wait times for customers.


How they use LiveChat


Kinguin’s team primarily uses LiveChat on desktop. They have also integrated LiveChat within their Kinguin app (available on Android and iOS) and plan to further develop this functionality.

LiveChat features they utilize include:

Chat labels – a short title for a chat that enables them to track metrics for a specific type of case. For example, to determine what types of topics are frequently discussed within a particular department.

They have established automatic greetings, which are customized messages that welcome visitors to chat. They also use a pop-up chat window to make the chat easily accessible for customers.

In terms of chat insights, Kinguin has a dedicated team responsible for monitoring them. As Michal shared with us:

“It allows us to easily allocate agents to the appropriate channels, set the number of concurrent conversations a specialist can have, or assist other specialists when they need support or a more experienced partner.”


What? I can’t be the ruler! I’m simply the lord’s correct-hand man. What’s more, when the correct-hand man turns into the man, at that point the lord is left with no right.


Keeping Customer Satisfaction High


To provide outstanding customer experience, companies need to gather feedback on their service. Kinguin’s team uses chat ratings, post-chat surveys, and satisfaction metrics to monitor their customers’ satisfaction.



Kinguin Account Management


  • Individual right hand accessible just for you. Each Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm CET.
  • Examined keys destruction.
  • Keys transfer.
  • Normal value refreshes.
  • Premium warning. *Investment advice. *Strategic arranging.
  • Client service
  • Announcing.


How Can I Register my Affiliate Account?

To enroll your member account, just go to the Affiliate tab in your record. You will be approached to enter your PayPal email address to which your income will be sent once you make a payout. Assuming PayPal isn’t accessible in your country, you can give us your Skrill email address. Those locations can be changed in Account Settings. Simply fill in the necessary fields in Payout Information. Alluding Site is the site where you got some answers concerning the Affiliate Program. In Referred by segment you ought to give the email of the individual who welcomed you to our program.

To change the cost of your offer, go to the Content tab, click on the Active tab and afterward select the Edit alternative starting from the drop menu close to an offer that you’d prefer to refresh. When you set the ideal cost in I need to get the field.



Kinguin Pricing





If for you, “legitimate” means that buying a Windows key or game key from Kinguin is lawful, then the answer is that Kinguin is generally not legitimate. If for you, “legitimate” means that you can purchase a Windows key or game key from Kinguin and it will function as intended, then the answer is that Kinguin is to some extent legitimate.