6 of the most comfortable travel shoes for women

My work always keeps me busy and most of the time I am in transit. In fact even today, I am in a plane seated, and experiencing the torturous ride. I feel it is really uncomfortable seating for longer periods, but a comfortable pair of shoes can always make it better.


When you switch to the right footwear, life really feels good.  Almost every activity involves the usage of your feet and there on comfortable shoes. And so a lot of thought and effort needs to be put into those shoes.

A nice relaxed set of footwear is needed to get through the terminals. Slip ons are great for quickly getting through security. Socks are a must at such times. Or else be ready to go through a scanner with your bare foot and be ready to witness awkwardness.

Choosing the pair of shoes really depends on the kind of trip that you are gonna make. Along with the material and the place you are going to, it is essential to also keep an update of shoe size and fit. A slightest of mistake can take you down on that one.

Given below are some of the shoes that are considered the best for comfort along with a cool style.  We need to remember fashion should go hand in hand with comfort. Without comfort, nothing seems good. Check out the best pair of footwear here-

  1. Scholl’s Scout Slip-on Sneaker

Finding Dr. Scholl’s Scout Slip-on Sneaker was not very easy for me. I had to go around the entire shoe store just to reach these comfy babies. These slip on shoes are a must try for everyone. Totally apt for wearing at airports. They are easy to slip on and off and are super comfy and light.

  1. Birdies Startling Flats

The fashionistas love these for the style and comfort. The sole has a seven layer stuffing that makes it super comfy and perfect for supporting your arches and heels. The leather, velvet and suede options make this footwear a matter of great interest for all types of people.

  1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots

Wanna give a change to your hiking boots? Then shower some love to Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots. These are loaded with features like airy built, cushiony space, ability to absorb shocks and ideal for uneven terrain. You can wear them as quickly as you want and be ready to get going for that hike.

  1. Joules Rainwell Boots

As the name suggests, you can drench these shoes in rain and still feel comfortable. Nothing beats the comfort of these shoes with pull tabs that makes it easy to put on. The highlight is the waterproof rubber material that looks stylish enough like a sneaker.

  1. Born Iwa Sandals

Who knew Born Iwa Sandals were made for all ages. I thought these would suit only middle aged women but then surprise surprise! This stylish pair is a massive craze among the youth and is loved for its comfort. The x-shaped straps secure the feet perfectly fine and keep away the blisters. What else do you need in an age where sores and pains are most likely to be associated with stylish footwear.

  1. Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops

Flip Flops are generally undermined. Such a pair of footwear can do a great deal to your feet and must be invested in. I myself upgraded from my cheap Old Navy flip flops to these highly comfortable flip flops. The sole is thick that gives a comfy cushion feel. My mom too felt the comfort of these flip flops owing to the light feel, cushiony fabric and made it her regular wear.


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