Surprising Marketing AI Predictions For 2020

Research by Gartner state that 2021 will be marked with more than 80% of technology built on AI foundation. The impact of AI on marketers is not quite obvious but surely AI will have its impact slowly creeping into their lives.

In the initial years, AI technology was marked as over-hyped. But today it has become a part of marketers’ day to day tasks.

Here are surprising AI predictions for 2020 that prove that AI is going to make its way deeper into marketing field.


Personalizing content as per the user’s needs will be next done with the help of AI. The marketers are going to rule content, products and offers with personification. Eventually personalization shall emerge as a strong marketing strategy. Currently around 40% marketers are already using AI for the same purpose. The number is surely to rise in 2020.


Intimating users with marketing messages at the right time is the need of the hour. Send Time Optimization technology is being used by marketers to identify real time and send emails to every single user. This technology will be used greatly in 2020 so as to engage customer on time basis.


Efficiency is a trait required by marketers. AI helps marketers gain efficiency and improve their functioning. AI might also become useful in chasing leads, and optimizing campaigns in a number of ways. The reliability of the marketing team on AI shall be increasing in 2020.


2020 is going to be a year for improved sales with the help of AI. One can get to know the revenue for the next quarter or other information based on the analysis done by AI. Future of AI lies in getting powerful customer insights and improved revenue gains.


Over the period of time, it has been observed by marketers and users that AI marketing has resulted in better customer retention. Based on that, it is estimated that AI technology is going to be used in 2020 for identifying first time users, active users and customer win backs. AI shall become an integral part with its better insights that helps business owners take better decisions.


There shall be an integral adoption of AI by content marketers in 2020. The content marketers have already been using AI for one liners, social media text, etc. With the growing popularity, it shall also be used for creating content that ranks high. Even the content marketing institute agrees to this and lists identifying keywords & text as a major help provided by text mining AI tools. When the AI tool bridges the gap and sets a connection between topics and traffic, marketing personnel can create better strategies on such topics.


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