Atlassian Confluence Detailed Review | Atlassian 2020

Running a business is not one person’s job, it takes a team effort to bring everything into place. If you or your business is facing any problem related to team effort then Atlassian Confluence is the best solution for you. It is a tool which helps in improving team relationship via proper guidance. The tool is designed in such a way that teams get proper platform space to work or collaborate on various tasks and plans, product launches, campaigns of the company, and technical projects.

Joining hands with Atlassian Confluence means creating established and enthusiastic workspace which binds together the teams. Confluence has a lot to offer as a software. You may get more than 15 templates to get started with the teams, customization options with images, GIFs as well as videos makes the workspace for teams for likable. Every page done can further be shared with every member of the team.

Atlassian Confluence is also advantageous for an organization as a whole. The software offer operators to group linked pages. On the other hand, configuration page trees, classifications, and strong search feature safeguard the operators to get the content of their use. It also increases productivity via in-context feedback.

For the enterprise level clarifications, Atlassian Confluence provides convenience to companies no matter big or small. Also, Confluence offers security for organizations. Apart from this, the companies which are facing a hard time with deployment flexibility and recovery can seek a self-managed way out from Atlassian Confluence.

Benefits of Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence has a lot to offer to the companies and individuals. Therefore, some of the impressive benefits of Atlassian Confluence are mentioned below:

  • Highly organized workspace – the features like categories, structure page trees can help you and your organization with an organized workspace. Through this, the content for the users will be easily available, pages will be inside the reach. No extra time will be required while searching for emails and messages.
  • Self-management – Atlassian Confluence makes it easy for you to self-manage your organization. In this, you will get various configuration options like deployment flexibility, identity provider, and load distribution. Plus, it offers admin permissions through bulk editing, auditing, etc.
  • Available for all sizes of organizations – Atlassian Confluence is beneficial for all sizes of organizations by helping with disaster recovery, termination, and data backups. It offers 99.9% of uptime SLA.
  • Speedy approvals plus feedback process – with inline and comments on the page the software will benefit in editing pages and feedback process. This provides great transparency to the team members while working.
  • Efficient support teams – Atlassian Confluence has premium, priority, and premier plans which offers access to efficient support engineers. This way the issues of an organization are resolved quickly without any hassle. Plus, the software has SLAs coverage for the users.
  • Pricing – Atlassian Confluence has three pricing plans. Standard plan comes at $5 for 5,000 users and one month, the premium plan is for $10 for 5,000 users, and one month, the server plan is for ten users at $10 and data center plan is for $15,000 for 500 users and is valid of one year.
  • Incredible control over security measures- The tool helps you to manage your organization in an effective manner and you can have full control over the security measures. You can easily manage the access, and decide upon who can access the data of your company. You can easily manage user permissions on a very minute level and control logins to make it completely safe and sound.
  • Self-managed choices- Companies can easily get self-managed services & solutions having multiple configuration choices through the Confluence Data Center. The Data Center has some effective and solid admin permissions along with bulk editing, troubleshooting and auditing potential.

Problems that Atlassian Confluence is capable to solve

  • It helps to bring every everyone on the same page: Atlassian Confluence solves the issue of siloed facts between teams. Many a times, remote teams find it difficult to connect, and get information. In case, someone says goodbye to the company, the loss of institutional knowledge becomes a big concern. Thus, it offers open-by-default permissions structure followed by shared team workspace through which everyone can access the essential information, bring every team member on the same page, and track everyone or every team’s work progress. In fact, it also offers a blog feature for important updates and announcements.
  • Every team member can participate in company strategies, and get acknowledged: Many a times, individual members, and teams feel isolated or ignored in the company, or important strategies. However, Atlassian Confluence brings together the team by connecting them with the company’s strategy. Every team member can contribute, share ideas, and get acknowledged.
  • Keep teams organized for enhanced productivity: It helps in organizing the workspaces with the help of page trees, high-end search technology. Confluence also offers mobile applications that empower teams, and members to get an instant access to the job material on the go.


The companies or users who are facing a hard time managing their teamwork have the best opportunity to improve with Atlassian Confluence. It has everything to offer which is required for a company to reach heights of success. Thus, do not miss a chance at Atlassian Confluence. It is, indeed, the best tool to work together with your in-house and remote teams on various projects, assignments, and tasks without making much effort. It offers seamless integration with all other products and applications offered by Atlassian.


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