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Delhi: Earning 680 crores from old policy, 2.5 crore liquor bottles sold in 25 days Latest Rags


After a huge uproar over new liquor in Delhi, the old excise policy was implemented from September 1. Under this, in the month of September, so far about 2.5 crore liquor talks have been sold. Although this sale is slightly below the average in terms of 25 days, liquor sellers are assuming good signs for the coming months in view of the change in the excise policy and the month of Shradh.

Actually, there was a lot of uproar in Delhi regarding the new liquor policy. After this it was decided that the old liquor policy would be implemented. According to the information, more than 500 government liquor shops were opened in Delhi in September.

In Delhi, on an average, about 15 lakh bottles of liquor are sold daily, that is, about four and a half crore bottles are sold in a month. In such a situation, speculations are being made that the demand will increase in the coming days. Liquor vendors believe that sales will increase in view of the coming festive season, especially Diwali.

680 crores earned

So far, the Excise Department of Delhi has earned about Rs 680 crore. It is believed that this figure will cross the level of 700 crores this month. But a major part of the earnings have come from brand registration under the old liquor policy as well as renewal of licenses of hotels and pubs.

this was the change

The new excise policy was in force in Delhi till August 31. That is, the sale of liquor from private shops was done till August 31. After this, the old excise policy was implemented again from the beginning of this month. Under this, there was a provision to sell liquor from the government shop itself.

How many government shops were opened?

According to the insiders of the Excise Department, initially preparations were made to open about 500 shops of government liquor. Therefore, there was an attempt to increase the number of shops to 700. On the other hand, according to the sources of the excise department, till August 30, under the old policy, about 80 wholesalers and producers had registered about 500 different brands.

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