Comcast Xfinity: Everything You Need to Know About Cable’s Biggest Player

Streaming services have become a big rage among netizens and live TV audience. Gone are the days when people used to rely only on local cable operators. With changing times and the advent of futuristic technology, many streaming services have captured the digital and cable TV network like never before. One can now easily make a choice without compromising on any feature. Modern cable operators have started offering better picture quality along with a gigantic list of channels to enhance the entertainment quotient like never before. Knowing the fact that there is still a section of people which adores cable TV rather than streaming services, Comcast Xfinity brings an incredible modern TV experience to your home, unlike traditional cable operators. It has literally revolutionized the TV entertainment industry to manifolds. Let’s quickly take a look at the most accurate Xfinity review.


What exactly is Comcast Xfinity?

It is nothing short of an essential combination of cable TV which brings an extra dose of entertainment in the form of complete DVR options and streaming services. One can browse multiple cable channels and enjoy popular streaming platforms as well. Unlike streaming services, it offers high-definition picture quality irrespective of any technical reasons. In addition, it offers all the popular streaming services, including Netflix. The best part is that you don’t need to switch between your set-top box and a streaming hardware. It comes with a handy remote which will do the needful and make your entertainment hassle-free.

Xfinity also comes with an incredible feature called Cloud DVR which will help you to record your favourite shows without missing out the action. Another enticing feature is Xfinity On Demand which will give you a selection of some of the best movies on rotation along with the popular TV shows that you can watch on the go.


How to avail Comcast Xfinity TV?

It’s really simple to get it. Like any other cable subscription, one can signup for Xfinity TV. You just need to choose your favourite channel pack to get started. However, there is a hardware equipment that needs to be installed at your place. You can either call the customer support to get it done, or install it yourself using the Xfinity Self-Install Kit that you can get easily.

Xfinity Features

Comcast Xfinity features are incredibly impressive. Let’s take a quick look into them.

  • Comcast Xfinity offers a versatile range of packages including multiple channels and streaming platforms. However, pricing changes according to the location and other criteria.
  • The packages starts from $50/month and go up to $190/month, depending upon the channels and other services availed by you.
  • Comcast also offers yet another incredible service called Xfinity Stream which helps you to watch your favourite TV channels and show on the go. You can watch on your Apple devices as well as Android devices anywhere and at any time.
  • It also offers On-Demand feature which not only includes TV channels but also streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube etc.
  • It is not just a cable service provider but a complete on the go entertainment solution blending TV and streaming platforms together for ardent entertainment seekers.
  • It offers Cloud DVR feature which helps you to record all your favourite TV and online shows to watch later. Everything is stored in the cloud, thus, you can watch anywhere and at any time. However, the feature comes with a limitation of 500GB storage and recent 60 hours of recording.



Comcast Xfinity is a futuristic way to entertain yourself on the go. If you are still into watching TV shows and channels and want some upgradation then Comcast Xfinity is definitely meant for you. It comes not only with a good range of TV channel packages but also offers a wide range of internet services to amplify your entertainment and usability. Thus, it is a flexible and powerhouse of round the clock entertainment.



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