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How To Check Your WhatsApp Message Has Been Read Or Not?

We all have been through those phases of life when we desperately want to know whether our sent message is read or not on WhatsApp. But it is possible to see the same since they have turned off their read receipts. Hopelessness is the only feeling that we feel through such times. After all its hard to wait when you want the person to read your message or answer you back. Many a times you just cannot bear the ignorance and want to check out the WhatsApp message has been read or not.

We have found a trick through which you can actually find out whether your messages have been read or not. Plus, it is easy to try. You got to follow few steps and you will have it all! Check WhatsApp messages have been read or not easily.

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2. Select the person’s chat whom you have sent the message and their read receipts turned off.

Step 3. Now send a voice note. In case you don’t want to say something, just record anything and send.

Step 4. Wait once you’re done sending the voice note and see whether or not the double ticks turn blue.

Step 5. You can be sure that the person has been ignoring your messages after reading them, if the double ticks on the voice note turn blue. And if the double ticks don’t turn blue, you can take a deep breath and wait. If that takes time, you can give them a call.

Yes, it is that easy and you can thank us later. Remember this method does not work the other way round. It means if you have your read receipts turned on and the other person has turned off. You have to switch on your read receipts in order to experience this. This is a simple way to check WhatsApp messages have been read or not.

As per a recent news, WhatsApp secured a license from the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) to launch its UPI-based payments service across the country, earlier this month. Two years ago, the WhatsApp Pay feature was supposed to be launched with State Bank of India, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. Now the pilot project has been running that offers payment services to about a million people.

Some other recent reports stated that Google has been indexing links in the Google Search to join private WhatsApp group chats. The issue is now fixed thankfully.


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