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Why to choose Wix over others?

Wix is one of the most renowned and versatile website building players in the ever expanding world of online. Knowing the fact that, the online world is getting bigger and better with each passing day, Wix is literally making it easier for all online businesses, e-commerce companies and digital marketing campaigners to create their own flexible website with all latest-technology driven tools and features. It is incredible that today Wix hosts over 160 million websites with the help of it’s user-friendly site building tools, templates and the App Market. One doesn’t need to make much effort while using it to make a fantastic website for any purpose or business.

Why should you pick Wix

1 . Incredible templates

Wix is known for it’s beautiful and versatile templates. The designs are simply amazing. It also offers many pre-built layouts to cater to a widest range of industries and businesses.

2 . One can add animation

It is yet another powerful feature of Wix that it allows users to add animated text or other components to their chosen templates. However, there is a limit of adding animation, thus, one should know where to stop it.

3 . Highly flexible platform

Wix is more flexible than other online website builders. It allows users to let their creativity rolling while adding templates, features, playing around with different elements etc to achieve pixel perfection.

4 . It has it’s own App Market

Wix also allows you to add various website applications, online booking widget, live chat feature, a newsletter, and many more user-friendly tools to integrate your website with all modern features under one roof.

5 . Smart assistant to create your website

Wix has gone a step ahead to offer Artificial Design Intelligence, nothing short of a smart assistant, to create your website. You don’t need to make much effort, or don’t need to pick any template or feature. It will automatically pick a right design, features, elements etc with the help of Smart Assistant feature. However, it is available for only some selected projects.

6 . Auto Backup of the site

Wix automatically creates the backup of your site that you can restore anytime in the future. Thus, one can never lose important site data or information while creating a website through Wix platform.

Who can make use of Wix?


Wix is nothing short of a boon for all those who are planning to start their own online business. It offers an impressive range of designs, layouts and features that can be used for any business, including restaurant, a music company, production house, blogs, studio, automobile etc. The best part is that all the templates and designs are optimized for smart phones, can be amplified with added site applications and features available at the online app store of Wix. There are numerous handy tools and filters that will help you to enhance the overall site’s presentation to manifolds.



The best part is that Wix doesn’t create a dent in your pocket by charging a bomb. It offers very reasonable packages that offer the best value for money. However, it offers different packages for both, the website and the business & e-commerce sections

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