8 Weirdly Satisfying Products to Take a Soothing Break from Stress


These days Instagram and Snap chat explore sections cannot be skipped without a sneak peek into those oddly satisfying videos. The popular ones are slime squishing and soap cutting videos which are watched by fans like crazy. And the craze is all for good reason. Actually such oddly satisfying videos are quite fun to watch and are great for managing stress. Yes! You heard it right, these videos are really good to release stress and can help you get into a calming zone.

We know the world loves such videos even though not all can create such viral videos. There are some cool products that lends a soothing satisfying effect on the mind. These products are available on Amazon. So get to know about these products that are cool, make you feel great and give a soothing effect.

Confetti Phone Case

Want to use your phone to relax your mind?? Well if yes, using this phone case can be a source to keeping your mind calm. This phone case is like a snow globe. It has confetti that cascades down while holding your phone upright. Just by sitting and keep rotating your phone to watch the glitter rain down, you can relax your eyes and soul altogether. The case costs $32 and is available for many phones.

Fluffy Foam

Fluffy foam can be a great alternative to slime. It is super mushy and gives great satisfaction. It gives you that slipping and melting feel in your hands and it’s super soft. A pack of two costs $15.99.

Pin Art

Press anything into these pins and feel the satisfaction offered. The way these pins take the shape of things pressed upon them is highly satisfying. Surely it can be confusing so as to decide if we want to run our hands over the pins or press our faces into them. Get one for you selling at $18.50.

Expandable Water Beads

Expandable water beads are super cute and can be popped in water. As and when you pop these water beads, they expand and become wonderfully squishy. These squishy beads are great to touch and can even be used for a great foot bath. You can get a 1-pound bag for $10.49.

Cherry Jelly Slime

Cherry Jelly slime is something that is ruling the hearts of people and is making its way as oddly satisfying product. It might feel gross or sound gross due to its cherry scent but is accompanied with foam, glitter along with some cute beads and gooey slime. The pull, stretch and squishing feel can be obtained at $8.99.

Water Tube Toy

These things can be really weirdly sexual, but so are they satisfying to play with. Using water tube toy can be an exhilarating experience. Feel the way, how it slips from your hands, and shoves your entire hand through the center. Get a four pack for $14.99.

Rainbow Gradient Puzzle

If you are looking for something creative that just takes your mind off stress, it is this Rainbow Gradient Puzzle. Take a look at this puzzle and soothe your soul. This 1,000-piece puzzle is available for $12.59 at Amazon.

Speks Magnetic Balls

In case you love magnets, you will surely love this oddly satisfying desk toy. You can create little structures or just squish the magnetic balls between your fingers. When it comes to using it like a stress buster, it can help you stay calm while rolling them around in your hands. It costs around $27.95 and you can get your own.