The top and the only thing that we hear nowadays is wash your hands. Yes, this might sound weird but bouncing back at coronavirus, or COVID-19, needs scrubbing your hands regardless. After all prevention is better than cure and washing hands just makes prevention easier.
We all are aware of the best way to wash your hands. The process is to wet them thoroughly, squeeze out enough soap, cover your hands completely with the froth, rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds, rinse, and dry. And you are good to go!
Keeping hands clean is also an easy job with hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol. But washing hands with a soap or hand wash is surely great.
We want to make the washing experience enjoyable for you. Here are some of our favorite hand washing products that you can get right now and enhance your overall experience.

1. Soft-soap liquid hand soap

Soft soap’s clear liquid soap has a pleasant light scent with cute little sea creatures on the bottle. The soap has been contributing towards making the childhood memorable. A pack of six costs $8.99 and is great for use.

2. O Naturals bar soap

A bar soap that is nothing but natural and gentle on your body. The composition is all natural and vegan. The bar set comes with six bars, each with a different scent and feel. This set is sold for $24.99.

3. Method foaming hand soap

If you are looking for a soap that ends up giving you super foamy lather, you have to opt for this Method foaming soap. It has a refreshing scent which is pleasant and light. The pack of six is available for $30.

4. Body & Earth rock-shaped soap

Want to have your own little fun while washing your hands?? Check out these soaps that look like stones. Not only are these cute, but are also great for washing hands. The 12-pack is available in five different scents and is sold for $29.98.

5. Toy soap

Encouraging kids to wash their hands is now easier with this toy soap. Tell them to wash their hands and get a toy in return, once they finish off a bar. You too can enjoy it after all cute things are not just for kids. This pack has four scents and costs $17.99.

6. Mason jar soap dispenser

This stunning ball jar soap dispenser is really cool to handle. It gives you chances to wash your hands more frequently while enjoying the cute look and feel of this ball jar dispenser. Get it for $13.99.

7. S-Y automatic soap dispenser

While touching a standard soap dispenser, it is possible to collect old germs again and again. It is because you touch a standard soap dispenser before using the soap to wash your hands, so you tend to collect old germs every time you touch it. In order to avoid that, find an automatic soap dispenser and go touch-free. It has a modern look that people generally love. Such a touch free automatic soap dispenser can be brought from Amazon for $29.78.

With these 7 unique products, you are sure to have fun and end up fighting germs effortlessly! Keep washing hands and Stay healthy! 


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