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How to Spot a Sustainable Tea Brand?

What better than a good hot cup of tea to kick start your day?? I guess, nothing else exists to keep off the sleep and still give you that comfortable and cosy start to a winter day. Despite all the goodness of its products, the tea industry needs to be under consideration for sustainability.

The entire process of making tea from production to packaging, can involve many sustainable initiatives which are worth checking for a better world. So here are some tips to check the sustainability efforts of the brands and contribute towards making the world a better place to live in.


Know About B-Corp

Do you know what B-Corp is?? Well it is Benefit Corporations that are actually a group of non-for-profit organisations carrying out and making way for sustainability initiatives. B-Corp certification gives an easy identification to companies working on improving their sustainability outcomes.

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All the organizations that are certified need to work on the principles of B Corp and follow the vision of the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence. These guidelines work towards providing business that is beneficial for everyone and not limit the benefits to shareholders.

The brands which have gained B-Corp status, like T2 Tea aim at reducing inequality, providing better & healthier environments and lend a push to the global culture shift towards sustainability initiatives.


Check out Your Ingredients

Who wants to taste plastic in the name of natural tea? Literally no one. Since most of the tea bags are made of plastic, it is necessary to know everything about the ingredients of the tea you consume. It is also important to know the origin and existence of these ingredients.

Look for brands which source their herbs, fruits and spices from sources that are UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fair for Life and Organics certified. Opting for such a brand, make sure that it uses stitches of natural and organic cotton and not polypropylene substances to heat-seal the edges of your teabags.


Make an effort for positive change

Whenever you are looking for a good tea, make sure that the brand you are investing in has made a start to offset their carbon print and sourced tea supplies from certified traders and have recycled their packaging. Also check out whether the brand you are opting for has a responsible working hours, fair wages and ensures women safety along with providing safe working conditions to its workers. Remember, these questions are important and are worth asking. One of the other ways to be a part in this positive change is to opt for environmentally friendly tea wares that are biodegradable and plant based. Avoid using wares that involve polybags while being packed. This can stop the usage of millions of cups and mugs as when each of us contribute to this. If you are quite particular about your tea brand, make sure that your most loved brand uses 100% recyclable retail bags and gift-wrapping paper or else it is not worth loving!




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