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Why the Coronavirus seems to hit men harder than women?

The new coronavirus is so serious and dangerous that it has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. It is nothing short of a lethal disease which has taken so many lives till date. The coronavirus death toll is rising with each passing day. The novel coronavirus infection that started out first in Wuhan, China, has now spread over 25 countries including Iran and many more. The deadly virus is spreading like a wildfire. However, a recent coronavirus update has increased the panic to manifolds. According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent analysis of coronavirus cases, the virus is likely to hit men harder than women. As per the analysis, the death rate among is recorded 2.8%, compared to 1.7% among women. The Chinese researchers analysed over 70,000 patients till date and came out with this shocking revelation recently. The data also showed that total number of male patients till date is 22, 981, compared to 21, 691 female patients.

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The difference might be due to different biological reasons. For an instance, the female hormone estrogen plays an important role in immunity. Another interesting finding is that women also possess two X chromosomes that contain immunity genes. And when it comes to Chinese men, then it is observed that they have higher rates of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure than women. Thus, these important biological and health differences make the men more prone to the virus than that of women. Another astonishing finding is that China has the largest population of smokers in the world and women contribute to only 2%. This is also an important health behaviour which plays an important role in the contraction of coronavirus or any other virus. It directly impact one’s immunity system. Thus, it can’t be ignored.

Apart from that, it is also observed that the people with serious pre-existing health problems or in the mid age group are at the higher risk of contracting the dangerous virus COVID-19, coronavirus. If someone is already suffering from any cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, cancer or chronic respiratory problem, then the fatality rate becomes higher for them.

The research also showed that the most affected people were in the age group of 30 to 69. The patients were classified into 3 categories according to their symptoms including mild, severe or highly critical. However, over 80% confirmed cases of corona virus were in the mild category.

Ever since the outburst of the fatal coronavirus, many public health organisations and experts have released coronavirus update.

It is important to wash your hands frequently with soap and water in order to eliminate the virus and prevent yourself from any other type of virus.

It is also important to practice respiratory hygiene. Corona virus death toll ha increased due to coughing and sneezing. Thus, cover your nose and mouth with a face mask to prevent germs and viruses.

Seek medical care immediately if you get fever, cough or face difficulty in breathing.

Apart from that, WHO and other leading health organisations continuously coming up with coronavirus updates in order to control the chronic health disaster as soon as possible.


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