5 Best SEMRush Features For Bloggers

Looking for reliable SEO tool has become more of confusion and stress. There is an overabundance of such tools but it is hard to pick any random tool available in the market. You cannot risk your business into the hands of anyone. Therefore, to make your job easier and more beneficial SEMRush SEO tool is the most reliable and resourceful tool. It will help you reach the heights of success without crossing rocky roads. Currently, it has become a very popular SEO tool for independent bloggers, start-ups, and ecommerce websites.

It is highly effective for professional bloggers. Thousands of marketers rely on SEMRush for opponent research and much more. To sum up, here five most incredible SEMrush features which help bloggers in a lot of ways:

  1. Keyword magic tool to explore lengthy keywords

SEMrush is essentially known for keyword analytics which is convenient in extracting reports on keyword research. But not many people know that about SEMrush’s hidden feature which keyword magic tool is.

It is simple to use tool which supports providing keywords that are imperative to build a strong SEO/PPC campaign. It’s favorable in generating lengthy keywords without much effort.

  1. SEO checker to enhance On page blog posts

Properly crafted on-page blog posts are great to improve the search rankings of a website. This tool will help in providing optimization ideas that will help in improving the visibility of websites or web pages on search engines. This is also dependent on your opponents and their ranks. SEMrush’s this feature is great to be ahead of the market competition.

  1. Improve technical SEO of a website with Site Audit

Most of the bloggers overlook or ignore technical SEO during the whole chaos. This tiniest mistake can cause big failures. Therefore, it is supremely important to make sure that there is nothing to worry about the technical side of a website.

Site audit, SEMrush’s one of the astounding features will help you in knowing about SEO problems on your website. Also, it will provide solutions to fix those problems. By having this feature by your side, you will be able to keep a check on the website’s health that does not affect its search ranking.

  1. Create new link prospects through link building tools

It would be imprudent to forget about link building while working on the SEO of a website. Convincing backlinks from sites with high DA can drive the website post on the SERPs number one page within a fraction of time.

The link building tool by SEMrush allows you the opportunity of knowing websites where one can get impressive backlinks. This will definitely increase the blog’s search rankings.

  1. Brand monitoring tool to observe brand outreach

There is no hard and fast rule that brand monitoring is done only by marketing agencies or PR managers. To check brand outreach, it is correspondingly imperative for bloggers. This way they can check any chances on backlinks.

SEMrush’s brand monitoring tool saves a lot of time in searching for online mentions and reviews on a particular blog. Similarly, it is beneficial for twitter as well.


To end up with, all these features can really take your blog’s search rankings up. It is high time you get your hands on SEMrush or regret later! One can easily optimize blog for incredible search rankings with the help of miraculous SEMRush SEO tool. It comes with so many result-proven features that a blogger or professional marketer can easily rule the online world without making much effort. With it’s go-to keyword and competitor research tool, one can easily keep an eye on all leading keywords and competitions in the online world.


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