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Take Your Small Business to the Web With Square Online

Square Online is an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell online and offer curbside pickup and local delivery. Its features include inventory management, shipping tools, and integrations using Square POS and societal networking programs. It’s a totally free program and paid monthly fees that begin at $12 (billed yearly), and a processing fee of 2.9% + 30cents per transaction. Square Online is best for companies looking to add an internet component to brick-and-mortar stores, like restaurants, retail outlets, and professional services shops.

Square Online Pros and Cons

Let’s take a quick look on the advantages and disadvantages of a Square Online.

Square Online


  • It has excellent reporting programs
  • It can integrate seamlessly with societal networking platforms, such as Instagram
  • It syncs flawlessly with Square’s POS tools
  • Your online shop will have an easy-to-understand design
  • It’s excellent email and Social Websites marketing tools
  • It has a large app shop to help add features to your site
  • It doesn’t confine support Alternatives to particular pricing tiers


  • It’s expensive truncation fees, and you’re limited to Square or PayPal for payment processing
  • Its SEO tools may be seriously improved
  • Online store design is generic
  • There is no ‘reverse’ button — rather, you Want to remember to continuously save any modifications you make

How Easy is Square Online to Use?

The Square online builder is quite User friendly, and establishing an accounts is a rather quick procedure.

Square Online’s sign up procedure As soon as you have an account, it just gets easier. Bear in mind, this is Weebly’s software, also Weebly has the second highest customer score of any builder we have put through consumer testing — so we are not surprised by Square Online’s impressive simplicity of use.

Square Online

Square Online Features

Square Online provides enough features to get the majority of small companies moving. While attributes on the free program may be too restricting for most merchants, offerings significantly improve on the paid programs. I have to acknowledge that, overall, I am not especially impressed with Square Online’s features. Though I think they are sufficient for obtaining a tiny online shop up and running, I don’t think this system would be the very best for handling a huge volume of online orders. Here are the main features you’ll get with Square Online:

  • Dashboard: As I mentioned in the Ease Of Use section above, I had some difficulty locating my dashboard. Once I found it, however, I had been pleased with its efficacy. In the dashboard, you are able to get your marketing tools, insights, site design programs, and your shop’s back end. From the store back end, you can discover important pages, like your things, orders, coupons, shop mails, and settings.
  • Products: Square Online supplies a whole lot of functionality when it comes to listing products. You can record several different varieties of products, such as not just physical and digital products but also donations, memberships, services, event tickets, and carry-out orders. Additionally, you can list multiple product variants and allow customers to use modifiers. Display your items with multiple product images, and get everything up and running quickly with bulk export and import attributes.
  • Multi-Channel Selling: Square Online syncs with your Square POS method to readily enable multi-channel selling. Both of these systems work together to monitor your inventory, even as you market online and on site. You could also enable customers to pick up their orders that are online. Additionally, Square Online provides tools for creating password-protected pages. Meaning B2B sellers may make their wholesale products observable only to authorized buyers.
  • SEO Tools: Square Online includes a number of SEO tools, including a optimized HTML format and mobile-friendly design. You can also include permalinks, SEO names, and SEO descriptions to your goods.
  • Reports & Analytics: Square Online insights give you a look into your unique visits, page views, average pages per special trip, and much more.

Square Online


Square Online offers all the security features you can expect from an eCommerce solution. Square Online also tests its security with routine vulnerabilities testing and a public bug bounty. Square also regularly releases patches and updates to fortify security.

Square Online Pricing

Square Online offers four pricing plans: a free version, the $16 per month Professional plan, the $29 per month Performance plan, and the $79 per month Premium plan.

Free Plan: It is pretty remarkable that Square Online offers a free plan in Any Way, since The majority of its own ecommerce rivals offer 14-day free trials in any respect.

With the free plan, you are going to have to pay 2.9% + $0.30 about the worth of every Trade you make — that is pretty expensive. But, you’re able to record unlimited products, then monitor them through the automated stock.

Professional Plan

The Professional plan costs $16 per month, or $12 per month if you select Annual billing.

While the transaction fees stay the same as with the free program, Square Online ads are eliminated, and you receive unlimited storage. Additionally, you receive a free custom domain for a year.

Performance plan

The Performance plan costs $29 per month, or $26 per month when billed annually.

Together with the Performance plan, you’ll Have the Ability to accept payments through PayPal, And receive priority assistance in the event of an problem.

Premium plan

The Premium plan costs $79 per month, or $72 per month when billed yearly.

The transation rates fall to 2.6%, and you get improved shipping reductions. You also get a real-time shipping calculator, allowing clients to determine exactly how much they’ll pay when they go to checkout.

Square Online

Square Online Review: Summary

Square Online has impressed us with its Weebly-esque store builder. We’d Happily recommend it to low-volume sellers, but would recommend a more scalable platform for those selling high volumes, or with ambitions to achieve that.

If there’s anything we have missed, or you want to talk about your own experience Of using Square Online, please soda a comment below — we would love to hear from you.


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