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Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2020- An Analysis on Uptime, performance, security & other Features

Those who own a business or an expert web developer, they are more or less acquainted with Hostinger web hosting service. If you are in the industry for setting up a new business or looking for providing your enterprise a steep hike, then the hosting web hosting plans are just an ideal solution for you. The web hosting services offered by this provider are no doubt getting huge popularity nowadays.

We try to see things from different aspects to understand the quality of performance and the features it offers. Let’s take a look to know in detail.

Hostinger Web Hosting Service Overview

The hosting review team went extra miles before they presented this authentic hostinger review for our readers. Here, the special review unit will provide you with an overview of the hostinger web hosting service quality from different aspects.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

In this analytical discussion, we have come up with various hostinger web hosting plans, prices, and important features to make things easy for web developers and business owners.

The ratings, reviews are given after going through a lengthy process of review. The types of services and the features we discussed here are summarised for making you understand the essence of the hostinger web hosting service provider.

General Info of Hostinger Web Hosting Server Providers

One Look at Hostinger Web Hosting Deals

Depending on the specific need of the business, hostinger hosting plans are crafted by this service provider. The deals are not restricted to small and medium scale business. It also has plans for the large businesses of the industry.

Hostinger, as one of the best web hosting providers in India, has come up with different solutions for every level of business. Separate plans on shared hosting, cloud hosting, and web hosting are presented for bloggers and web developers other than businesses.

Shared Hosting

Nothing is as beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses as shared hosting. In this type of hosting service, many websites reside on one web server that gets connected to the Internet. Due to the low maintenance and amortized cost divided into many customers, this option becomes economical for beginners and the medium scale business owners.

WordPress Hosting India

WordPress hosting service has become a matter of click with hostinger. With the super efficient optimized solution for WordPress hosting, now bloggers, web developers, and business owners can make the setup securely without facing difficulties. Due to its prompt migration, installation, and customer support, Hostinger has started enjoying a big slice of the customer base of the market.

Email Hosting Service

Another awesome service provided by this service provider is its Hostinger email hosting. This expert-designed servicing is the outcome of the thought to promote business with each outreach.

The service of email hosting primarily focuses on offering solutions to email servers. It works independently from web hosting. You can set this hosting while operating your business in full motion. For those who do not believe in try and test theory, hostinger has both web hosting and email hosting services for them.

Cloud Hosting services

The Cloud hosting service of hostinger is closely related to the growth of your business. Keeping increasing development in mind, Hostinger has come up with the cloud hosting service with numerous advanced features. With this service, your business will start fulfilling its dream of reaching a new high.

We often notice that for a thriving business, shared hosting can’t fulfill the requirements of larger space for data. In this case, Hostinger has introduced its cloud hosting. It serves your purpose of growth by providing your business with advantages of reliability, power of VPS hosting server, and the simplistic approach of shared hosting.

Hostinger Web Hosting Features:

Hostinger Web Hosting Review


Performance with 99.95% uptime

Reviewing the performance of hostinger can’t be completed without checking the uptime percentage of this web hosting service provider. While analyzing the performance graph, we have got to know that Hostinger is known for its good uptime, which is 99.95%. It helps websites to run with speed and work for a longer period without causing problems.

Customer Support in Multiple Languages

Nothing is good without the solid base of the customer support group. A web hosting service may have numerous advantages, but without a supportive customer care group, nothing is useful. However, Hostinger’s customer support is the polar opposite of this. The multilingual customer support will be available the moment you logged into the account. Your queries will be solved by executives through live chat.

Other than this, Hostinger also has tutorials for its clients so that they can set up their websites easily without facing difficulties.

Fast Loading Time with 350ms

Industry veterans have confirmed the fact that high loading speed of business sites have a higher chance of winning the confidence of customers than the lower one. It is claimed that if a website does not load within 3 seconds, almost 40% of people discard the idea of checking it. The Hostinger comes with a fast loading speed of 350ms. So now, you just don’t have to worry about it if you are choosing the Hostinger.

Hostinger Easy User Interface

Many technical experts in the industry have agreed that for web hosting, User Interface plays a vital role. Business owners check the efficiency of the user interface while looking for the efficiency of the user interface. Though Hostinger has a different panel than the traditional cPanel, the ever-present icons on the dashboard make site management quite easy. Updating the billing info, supervising the emails are just a matter of a click.

Different properties are also present for managing all facets of web hosting and domain subscription.

Good for Ecommerce Web hosting

Hostinger is also known for providing clients with outstanding eCommerce features. Ecommerce business sites are now getting better with Hostinger. The intuitive administration area, flexible cart other than SSL, payment processing, photo gallery, and WC vendor marketplace are some of the glimpses that Hostinger can’t disappoint you if you are seeking hosting service for an eCommerce site. You can use it for PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike some web hosting service providers in India, hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel that the service is not at par, then you can claim your money back. The web hosting offer from hostinger comes with the option of money back, though not all services have that facility. If you want to check whether the plan you want to opt for has a money-back guarantee, we suggest you check the details of the plan before purchase.

Efficient Website Builder

Another positive trait of opting for Hostinger is its free website Builder with any of its plans. With this website builder, business owners and web developers can customize their website as per their choices and requirements. The customization option is getting better with numerous templates offered by Hostinger.

Simple Migration Procedure

While opting for a web hosting service and plan, business owners check one more thing before buying. That feature is nothing but a migration facility and process. According to experts, the intuitive control panel helps the migrating nameservers easy and fuss-free within a short period.

All-inclusive and Simple Email Tools

Unlimited email accounts are provided with the web hosting plans as a part of the hostinger service. Site owners will be able to get access to webmail and other email features from the web hosting service provider.

Other than these above-mentioned benefits, one more added advantage has attracted our attention. Read below to know about it:

Limitless Web hosting Features in Business & Premium Plan

Email tools in the basic plan are almost more or less similar to other web hosting services, but with Business and premium plans, things are a bit different. Here, Hostinger provides its clients with different tools that filter spams, manage usages efficiently, set up autoresponders along with enabling or disabling account functionality.


Payment Terms

The non-standard payment terms of Hostinger are a bit of an exception from others. Some part of the payment of this web hosting service giver is refundable, while others are non-refundable.


Hosting of all plans, SSL Certificates

Domain transfers (Except .eu and .es transfers)


The first payment after the free trial is not refundable. Domain name renewals, redemption fees, and privacy protection are not refundable. Other than this, registrations of new domain names only get refundable if they are processed within four days of registration or get canceled.

For more: see the site page.

Absence of Traditional cPanel

Hosting services mostly use traditional control panels (cPanel) for usage, but not Hostinger. This web hosting service has its control panel that you might not like. For beginners it is OK but for the advanced users, we can’t say the same thing.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

Hostinger web hosting plans contain hosting packages suited for the requirements of your business. These plans are designed as per the scale of business and the types of industry you cater.

Web Hosting Plan for India

Web Hosting Plan for United States

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Hostinger Overview- Is Hostinger Web Hosting Recommended?

After going through all these pros and cons, we have asked our experts one last question about Hostinger. We have asked whether they recommend it or not? The answer we got from them is Yes! They do Recommend Hostinger web hosting service.

Backups, outstanding optimization solutions, higher uptime, lower downtime, and awesome ultra-intuitive website builder make things better for web developers and business owners who are using hostinger. With stable performance, speed, and reliability, this web hosting service has become one of the best choices for business owners.


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