What Is Krowdster? Is Krowdster Worth? Key Highlights Of Krowdster

Krowdster is the first marketing platform for incentives and equity crowdfunding that was specifically created for this purpose.

With over 2 million backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the most searchable crowdfunding backer directory in the world, a tool for building a targeted audience on Twitter, a service for press releases, and many other tools, we help crowd funders plan and carry out successful campaigns.


Outline of Krowdster

Booking and Consulting: Not only will they schedule a delivery date and time that fits your schedule, but they will also handle most of the writing for you. They have professional PR writers on hand to ensure that you have an experienced team to help promote your project.

Online Media Advertising and Search Engine Optimization: As part of their service, Krowdster will set up Twitter ads, allowing you to reach more potential supporters across social media. They also take care of search engine submissions for you, which can greatly benefit your project.

Backer Directory: Krowdster recognizes the power of data and offers you access to potential backers through their Crowdfunding Backer Directory. This list includes backers and super backers from their network and known patrons, as well as from other sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.



Krowdster Pricing Overview

Krowdster evaluation starts at $49.99 per month as a standard cost. There is a no-cost variation. A free preliminary is available on Crowdster.


Key highlights of Krowdster


Sponsor Directory

Krowdster provides access to a database of over 3.5 million proven backers of projects similar to yours on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the world’s largest database.

3.5 Million Backers

Track Results

Identify valuable “Super Backers”

Initiate conversations with backers via social media

Export data as a CSV file with 25k exports

Is Krowdster worth it?

Overall, Krowdster is great for getting campaigns up and running. It has a lot of tools available, so it’s worth exploring them and seeing what else might help with your specific project. Many have features like analytics, but few offer some of the more customized services that Krowdster does.



Affiliate Program

Acquire 20% of all deals that you allude to us for the existence of the client and get paid through Paypal

✔Earn 20% subsidiary commission for all deals and repeating deals alluded to by you.

✔Open to partners from all nations who have a checked Paypal account.

✔Proprietary partner following and announcing framework with adaptable greeting pages.

✔Generate limitless connecting codes and independently track diverse traffic sources.

✔Send traffic to high changing over landing page or streamlined presentation pages.

✔We realize offshoot promoting can assist you with boosting your income.

✔Custom arrangements and backing by subsidiary promoting veterans.


What amount do subsidiaries make?

The amount of money that can be made as an affiliate marketer can vary greatly. Affiliate income is not predictable and it’s better to look at earnings every year rather than monthly. A successful affiliate marketer can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $400,000 per year.



  • Admittance to a huge number of Backers web-based media associates
  • Capacity to discover numerous sponsors on other online media stages, by their names, regardless of whether their web-based media interface wasn’t recorded
  • For the bundle we paid for, Krowdster would do an official statement in their pamphlet about our Campaign, when it dispatched
  • The site is pretty easy to utilize and has huge loads of instructional exercises for amateurs
  • Capacity to trade supporter data and transfer it as a cv record for Facebook Ads


  • The sponsor index is fairly obsolete (Meaning, numerous patrons didn’t utilize/update their web-based media stages any longer)
  • We didn’t get any profits when we transferred a benefactor rundown of around 5,000 individuals in one of our Facebook Ads, we ran our mission for around 7 days, with no site changes, or Facebook Likes (However, this might have quite recently been our experience, not saying it doesn’t work completely, as we just ran a little FB crusade)
  • The Twitter Marketing Software, followed loads of individuals, anyway we didn’t get numerous changes of individuals inside our objective market following us.
  • We had an issue before all else when we initially bought in, take a stab at reaching the client, and got a reaction after around 4 days


Krowdster trusted by over 25,000 crowd funders since 2014.