What is FOMO Marketing? What Are Best FOMO Marketing Ideas?

What is FOMO Marketing?


With FOMO marketing, you can make your target audience want to take advantage of every opportunity. The information in it is organized so that you can encourage them to make an immediate purchase rather than regretting their lack of action afterward.

It works because we are a risk to other animals as a group of animals. Risk aversion in the context of purchases means that we fear investing our money in something that probably won’t conform to our standards.



This risk avoidance also increases the likelihood of disappointment in the future. It suggests that we might regret not taking advantage of a door that was open in the future. Consider the situation where you need to purchase a property and have ideas on what it should look like.

Your FOMO will increase if you unexpectedly come across a Facebook advertisement for a comparable home that offers a rebate. Perhaps you weren’t all that excited about purchasing it, but after viewing this promotion, you’ll be forced to think again. This is the very frenzy that FOMO marketing aims to create.

Best FOMO Marketing Ideas 


Free transportation temporarily

One of the awful surprises we detest encountering while trying to purchase something is the transportation fee. However, consider a scenario in which you may offer free delivery for a limited time to encourage people to make purchases. Create a fair duplicate clearly stating the offer with a specific deadline, say three hours.

The more clear you can be about the offer, the better, as customers can have a sneaky suspicion about its validity otherwise.

Show that individuals are purchasing

You should be familiar with this Booking. the com-recommended process if you have ever made a hotel reservation in your life. A strong drive to move swiftly without ever making a single attempt to sell something might be generated by seeing others consistently making purchases.

There are a variety of FOMO techniques being used here, but what makes their approach so effective is the way it demonstrates that people are viewing, and buying and that there are a limited number of rooms available as a result.

In the case that you choose to use this platform, the FOMO application for Shopify is a tool to help you have a similar impact with social verification.

Show shortage

Item scarcity is the best catalyst for FOMO. We don’t like the idea of someone else profiting off of something that could have been our own. By displaying stock levels on its item pages, Amazon effectively illustrates shortages and demonstrates how having less may produce more.

Award your first X purchasers

Another fantastic way to leverage FOMO is to offer an unconditional gift or prize to the number of buyers who were initially predicted. After all, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff? By doing this, you can get rid of rare items or spare stock while also building strong relationships with your customers and increasing the likelihood that they will remain loyal.

It appears that passing up some free delights is a fear more terrifying than using an item shortage. This method can’t be used all the time, though, thus it needs to be limited to the most important group of customers.

Offer limits on deserted truck things

Unreasonably many internet shoppers abandon their purchases while they are in the truck. 7 out of 10 clients are responsible for this kind of dumping. Try to emphasize these options by promising an elite discount or prize should they choose to proceed with their exchange in this manner.

Utilize social verification

When we see that other people are successfully purchasing a product and maximizing its benefits, we feel compelled to do the same. Audits are arguably one of the simplest ways to create social evidence. Even though this isn’t the most sincere use of FOMO, it’s nonetheless effective and helps them believe in your product or image.


When they can’t have something, they typically need more. They ask why they can’t have it, what is preventing them from getting it, and how they may get access to it. Additionally, there are plenty of “seats” available, so selectiveness plays on the “you can’t sit with us” mindset.

Check out this example from a wine company. Who doesn’t rush to the “Show Now” button to take advantage of that fantastic 25% off discount?

Drive FOMO with email

Despite what many may think, email is still relevant today (even though it isn’t as reliable as it was ten years ago), and it may be used to increase FOMO by launching a successful email campaign.

To achieve this, you must diligently work to assemble an email list using lead capture pages or pop-up devices. It’s as simple as promoting any of the above standards through your email list if you already have one set up.


Fomo Feature Summary

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Advertising driven by FOMO is real, and you can use it to motivate your audience to buy from you out of necessity.

You may effectively use social verification to build consumer trust in your brand, services, and products. Then, to further motivate your audience, you may advertise limited-time discounts and display the number of things still in stock.

This might assist you in generating antagonism among your audience and heighten their fear of missing a significant opportunity. By supplying your audience with exclusive boundaries and content, you should encourage them to feel special. This can persuade them to pay you for your outstanding assistance.

Finally, you shouldn’t avoid using powerful language that can convince your customers that they will reject the goods, services, or offers if they don’t move quickly.