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Vultr Hosting – Is It Worth to Choose Over Thousands of Hosting Companies?

Nowadays, cloud hosting has become a rage in the ever-expanding online world. It is quite a flexible, powerful and scalable hosting solution compared to it’s counterparts’. It literally helps adding wings to your business with a lot of flexible, high performing, and innovative features. Instead of paying every month, here you can pay only for what you use. Thus, it will save a lot of your money by giving you a flexible pricing option. Also, with cloud hosting you don’t need to rely on a single server rather it offers concurrent live site version that your host can access and load within a few seconds. With higher uptime, safer environment, and lesser technical glitches, cloud hosting has become a brand new version of hosting for people all across the world. To offer an incredibly powerful cloud hosting solution, nothing is better than Vultr.

About Vultr

Vultr is nothing short of a powerful SSD cloud hosting platform with warp-10 super-fast SSD VPS cloud servers to offer virtual cloud hosting solutions across the world. You can pick a server from over 16 different locations across the world. Its portfolio is quite versatile in nature. One can find out cloud computing, storage blockage, dedicated servers, and much more. It was started in 2014 with a small setup. Within the last 5 years, it has grown to manifolds. Currently, it has a team of over 50 developers and engineers, over 22 million cloud server instances, and serves over 100,000 customers in 150 countries.

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Incredible Vultr features

  • Solid platform for cloud-based solutions

When it comes to cloud computing and solutions, Vultr simply outshines all its competitors. It has a feature-loaded control panel, strongest APIs, super-fast, and latest Intel CPUs with 100% SSD storage. It gives you the privilege to make use of custom ISOs, and one can duplicate server setups on new instances all over the Vultr network without facing any inconvenience.

  • Supports a versatile range of operating systems

Vultr can easily configure and support a variety of operating systems for various cloud instances. It automatically supports CoreOS, Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. In addition, one can also upload any other operating system without thinking twice. Thus, Vultr offers a lot of flexibility, unlike other traditional web-hosting platforms.

  • A wide range of one-click installers

At Vultr, you can find out a good range of one-click installers for well-known management tools and web applications. Instead of using scripts and codes, you can easily install with one click to make it simpler than before. Its wide range of installers includes Magenta, cPanel, Drupal, PrestaShop, WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, and many more.

  • Highly user-friendly

Vultr is very much user-friendly and one doesn’t need to have the technical knowledge to operate it. Knowing the fact that cloud computing solutions are pretty tricky compared to other traditional solutions, Vultr doesn’t give you any trouble. Its interface is very friendly and clean giving you enough control over its features.


  • Support System

Vultr offers more online support through its rich resources, including documents, FAQs section, reading material, and rich knowledge base. However, if you want to reach out to its support team then you need to raise a ticket.

  • Pricing & Plans

Vultr offers very clear and simple pricing options without confusing customers. Here, one can find out flexible plans and pay only for what they want to use. It offers hourly, monthly, and yearly plans. One can also make his own plan as per his usage. However, it’s dedicated server plans start from $60 and go up to $240.


Vultr is definitely a solid cloud-based web hosting service provider. Unlike other platforms, it offers 8 public cloud servers and 4 dedicated cloud server plans at jaw-dropping prices. With flexible billing and pricing, one doesn’t need to pay any extra amount. And it offers flawless cloud-based solutions with flexible features. Thus, it is the most recommended cloud-based hosting platform for every online website owner and creator.


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