What Is Cartflows? Step-By-Step Guide Of Cartflows

Cartflows is the go-to tool for integrating intricate “deals pipelines” into your WooCommerce-managed website. With this module, you have complete control over every aspect of the deal, from the basic greeting page to the combination of upsells, down sells, and knockoff offers.

WooSquare and CartFlows work together, as well as WooSquare itself – an overview WooCommerce store owners have the opportunity of creating updated deal channels thanks to WooSquare, WooSquare, and their most recent integration with CartFlows.

WooSquare with WooSquare CartFlows Star Additionally, you may integrate WooSquare and WooSquare along with a payment door on the following CartFlow pages.

  • Greeting page
  • Checkout page
  • Upsell/down sell page
  • Much obliged to your page

    Here is what CartFlows can bring to the table:

  • Pre-built sales funnel pages for your online store
  • Funnel optimization for both the pre-and post-sales stages
  • Integration with WooCommerce and its official extensions
  • Full customization options for each step of your sales funnels
  • ‘Frictionless checkout’ to minimize distractions
  • Cart abandonment targeting to regain lost leads
  • Upselling and discounts incorporated into the checkout process
  • Customization for the thank you page.


  • Checkout and payments plugins

To collect payments from clients, use the Streamline Checkouts WordPress module, which works flawlessly with all of Optimize Press’ capabilities. Here, you may make discount coupons, and messages that you can customize, ask for knocks, add 1-click upsells, and accept major Visas.

  • Incorporations

There is a tonne of incorporations available to you, including powerhouses like Convert Kit, Send Reach, Get Response, AWeber, YouTube, Unsplash, and the list goes on and on. There are more than 40 different flexible presentation page formats, pick-in structures, and boxes available. They have highlights that are flexible and responsive and GDPR-ready.


  • Deals pages

Gain access to a collection of advanced formats for alterations that are 100% flexible, responsive, and customizable. Embed promotional guarantees like recordings and start timers to boost commitment and deal rates.

  • Showcasing pipes

Create channels for transactions without any planning, and choose the type of pipe you’re looking for, such as a point of arrival, item shipment, and so on. Additionally, choose the transformation-enhanced pipe layout that you require and modify it to fit your image’s preferences and deal’s requirements.



  • STEP #1: Go to the “CartFlows” tab. Snap-on “streams” and afterward the ‘add new’ alternative.
  • STEP #2: When you click on the “add new” alternative, it will guide you to the streams library, where you can utilize prepared-to-utilize formats or make your own. STEP #1: Go to the “CartFlows” tab. Snap-on “streams” and afterward the ‘add new’ alternative.
  • STEP #3: Presently, you need to change your streams, arrival, checkout, upsell/down-sell, and thank you page settings.

Ensure upsell and down-sell streams are set after the checkout page and before the thank you page.

In the cart flow premium account, you can make a custom ‘thank you’ page.

  • STEP #4: Snap on the “alter” choice close to the “checkout page” mark.

This will lead you to the ‘Select Item’ choice that will empower you to show your preferred results on the checkout page.

In a dropdown menu, simply type the initial three letters of an item name (effectively accessible on your WooCommerce store), and it will show you the complete name of the item. Ensure you click on the “Update” button after picking your item.

  • STEP #5: Presently, we will arrange the ‘Upsell/down sell page’ settings.
  • STEP #6: Upsell/Down Sell Orders.

Inside the settings, you will track down the accompanying choices:

(I) Make another youngster’s request

This alternative makes another request for all acknowledged upsell/downsell offers. The principal request will be a parent request for them.

(ii) Add to the primary request

This choice will combine all acknowledged upsell/down-sell offers into the primary request.

  • STEP #7: Next, choose or make the ‘thank you’ page that the clients will see whenever they are finished with their request situation.

You can see your streams from the back-end settings utilizing the “see” button.

How about we discover a portion of the CartFlows options: –

  1. WooFunnels.

 WooFunnels is my most recent expansion to the Cartflows elective

2.  Optimize Press

The suitable Cartflows alternative focused on WordPress destinations is Optimize Press. When updating your checkout pages for deal modifications, the Aero Checkout page module is incredibly handy. It’s simple to improve the checkout experience with this module by allowing truck modification, a field view, and Google address autocomplete.

  • Funnel Builder

WooFunnels provides a deal pipeline that is applicable across the board. Making the agreement and each advancement directly from drawing in prompts in the center. You get help from WooFunnels taking care of everything. The following are the most remarkable channel manufacturer highlights:

A/B testing can help you optimize your pipelines so they produce better results.
It enables you to quickly import entire transaction channels.
You can check who is visiting your website and how much money they are spending.

You receive income and change rate reports in this.

Best CartFlows Alternatives 


Price Plans

Three value plans are available:

Starting price: $199 per year
Cost of development: $299 per year
Scale: The annual cost, which includes Autonami, is $499. Over two plans do not include an additional. To access Autonami with the Starter or Development plan, an additional $129 must be paid yearly.


PRO Pros & Cons


  • An all-in-one resource for all business pipes action which incorporates WooCommerce truck surrender and CRM.
  • They have a lot of pre-constructed formats to look over.
  • Their upsell highlight gives you a respectable benefit.
  • They even have a 14-day unconditional promise.


  • Not all estimating plans incorporate Autonomy.
  • Woo Funnel’s installment plans can be costly.
  • It works just with WordPress destinations by utilizing WooCommerce.

End: Which are the Best CartFlows Options?

A unique WordPress module that allows you to create deal pipelines and much more is called CartFlows. It is a general tool that provides everything needed to increase leads for your company.

In the unlikely event that you’re looking for CartFlows’ closest rival, WooFunnels, and ThriveCart are your best alternatives. The mentioned CartFlows solutions are all fantastic pipe developers for your WordPress site that help you make more sales.