Review of Notino: The Best Online Store For Beauty & Fragrance


At Notino, we think that since quality and well-being can change individuals and offer certainty, everyone should have access to them. People find it simpler to accomplish their goals and generally better their surroundings when they are pleased. Notino is the name of the biggest online beauty specialist retailer in Europe. We already operate online stores in 28 various nations, and this year, we wish to diversify into a great number of market segments. Since 2004, the Notino team has consistently blended quality and innovation to accomplish their aim of ensuring that everyone may enjoy unparalleled elegance.

Deloitte has named us one of the 50 innovation companies with the fastest growth rates for the past three years, and voters frequently choose us as the top online shop in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, or Poland. We have operations abroad in addition to our CEE headquarters in the Czech Republic. The team that we are currently assembling consists of more than 1800 exceptional individuals.

People that are proactive and enthusiastic about their work are constantly in demand. Keep an eye on this space or visit our careers page if you believe you might wish to join our team, be a part of this intriguing company history, and progress your career.

Fragrances and cosmetics can be purchased at Notino, a reputable worldwide online pharmacy. The professionalization and normalization of advertising restrictions, the convenience of opening new outlets, and execution estimation by hardware type are the main advantages of utilizing Quant more than a year after its release. The product presentation is also well-maintained by the businesses.

Customer Reviews

Notino is the biggest online seller of perfume and other personal care products in Europe. Our network of physical stores, where we mix the convenience of online purchasing with the human touch, is steadily growing. We finally got to the point in 2019 where we had to categorize the executives and explain our marketing principles. In addition, we had to maintain our presence at the furniture level.

The clearance process from businesses and the varying levels of benefit each class receives made it evident that we needed a device to handle this enormous number of opinions quickly.

We were searching for effective execution. This implies that the provider has the most strengths and that we have the fewest on our side. During our contacts, I had the feeling that the Quant Retail team was aware of our demands.

Fragrance and beauty care products

Product quality is vital in this context because the market for fragrance and beauty care products necessitates ongoing client consideration. Companies that produce beauty care products must balance quality and cost, but they also must frequently add new products and categories to their lineup. Therefore, attaining high transaction success is tied to comprehending consumer wants and assumptions.

With around 82,000 products in its inventory, Notino can satisfy the demands of a wide range of clientele groups. Notino sells a variety of goods, including both inexpensive drugstore goods and designer goods by brands like Dior, Chanel, and Armani.

Notino’s development plans

According to Bartosz Klis, the availability of increasingly more item categories, such as cruelty-free and bioproducts, makes the market for beauty care products extremely tempting from the perspective of the company’s turn of events. Notino is continually expanding its portfolio to meet the client’s changing demands. As a result, the business has chosen to offer wellness-related products, enabling clients to buy dietary supplements.

Additionally, due to the increased interest in health during the pandemic, Notino has chosen to relocate its primary pharmacy to the Czech Republic, where clients will genuinely want to buy beauty care products, dermo-cosmetics, and prescriptions.

The corporation is also investing in advancements that it puts into its stationary shops. Customers can use a tool called the Scent Locator to match their preferred fragrances with the products that are offered. Customers choose the best-smelling businesses, and a PC shows the products that feature these scents. A virtual mirror that lets customers test colored beauty care items without actually using them is another innovation.

The company must invest in opening additional stockrooms to shorten delivery times in Western European nations. Similar to this, Notino requires item delivery, which in the larger European cities where it operates, could take up to two hours. As a result, clients will be able to acquire high-quality products shortly after submitting them.