Quince Review – Everything You Need To Know About Quince


About Quince

Does higher-quality clothing for more affordable prices sound good? If so, Quince is the place to check out. With a selection of quality material clothing alongside leather goods, this business works directly with consumers to cut middleman costs and provide customers with the best pieces they can.

This business has made their way to the market with 66k followers on Instagram. Featured in Forbes and The New York Times amongst other major media outlets, this brand has become known for their cheap costs and a significant selection of clothing.

This Quince review will dive into just how well this company stands up to their promised products and reputation. Looking at products, prices, customer reviews, and more, we’re here to help determine if this brand is one to buy.

Born from the desire to bring high-quality pieces to the public for affordable prices, Quince came to market with a mission. They wanted to “create an item of equal or greater quality than the leading luxury brands at a much lower price.

Giving the public more access to quality materials has been the goal since day one and has driven the business in operation and marketing.

Through cutting out the middleman in operation, Quince has been able to keep costs lower than competitors. All work is done by Quince and the manufacturers, including their sustainable production.

Using organic materials, sustainable practices, and working towards 100% compostable packaging, this business plans to make a mark on the people without touching the planet.

Sounds good, right? Sustainability is just one pro the brand has on lock. Let’s check out some other highlights before this Quince review goes into the products.


  • Offers a wide range of clothing and accessories made with quality materials
  • Premium quality cashmere and leather
  • Production and shipping keeps the environment in mind
  • Affordable prices for high-quality items
  • Free shipping

This brand has a lot of good to them and most of that comes from the quality products they offer. It’s time to check those pieces out by moving this Quince review into the products and prices.

We’ve done a quick selection of some of their top categories, but there’s a lot more to offer so be sure to look online to see the full inventory.

All pieces offer traditional retail prices beside the Quince cost to see just how much is being saved with each purchase. We won’t be listing the retail prices, but know that Quince saves customers 30% to 60% with ease on their more expensive items.

Who Is Quince For? 

Anyone looking to class up their casualwear can turn to Quince for a stunning selection of clothing. Men and women can add quality cashmere to their closets for half the price of what’s found in stores.

Quince is the perfect affordable solution for those who yearn for nice material but refuse to pay those ridiculous retail prices.

Save money, look better. From cashmere to leather goods to bedding, this company offers stunning materials to make up their inventory making this a good choice for anyone for a stress-free shopping experience.

Is Quince Worth It?

So, what is this Quince review’s final recommendation? In this case, we’re happy to say that this brand is more than worth it. From the numerous comments about the look and feel in addition to the reasonable costs, the company seems to know how and what to sell to leave customers satisfied.

Well-reviewed service, easy returns, and mixed reviews on shipping, this brand seems pretty solid overall. We’d say this one is worth taking a chance on.

Where to Buy Quince?

We’ve searched high and low, but it seems the only guaranteed place to buy quality Quince material is from their website, onequince.com.


Is Quince sustainable?

This Quince review is happy to note that the company functions as sustainably as they possibly can.

From organic materials and responsible production to moving toward 100% compostable packaging, this business is dedicated to affecting the planet as minimally as possible through operations.

How long does cashmere typically last?

This seems like a trick question because the fact is, if cared for properly, cashmere can last a lifetime. High-quality cashmere is durably crafted to keep those soft, lightweight, and breathable qualities for years on end.

So long as it’s cared for, good cashmere can keep going after decades of use.

Does Quince ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Quince doesn’t ship internationally. They are looking to expand in that avenue, so keep an eye out for any shipping updates.

What is Quince’s Shipping Policy?

Has this Quince review shown off something that intrigued you? Luckily, it’s easy to make an order with free standard shipping for all customers.

Standard shipping only takes 5 to 7 business days before making packages make that appearance on the front step.

For faster times, check out the expedited shipping option. Costs are dependent on items, weight, and location of pieces, so be sure to look into those calculated prices before buying.

All shipped items are available for tracking. A link will be sent to the attached email address and anyone with an account can also log on to find out where in the world their order is.

Free shipping, fast times, and tracking? Not too shabby.

What is Quince’s Return Policy?

This brand really helps customers out with a 365 day from the delivery date return policy. That’s right, a whole year to return purchased items for a full refund.

Returns are an easy process. All they take is a few simple steps:

  1. Create an account with the connected email address
  2. Head over to the Return or Replace Items section and select the item(s) to return
  3. Fill out the information and repackage the items in their original packaging
  4. Attach the return label (downloaded from email or online account)
  5. Send it out