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About Helly Hansen

Norwegian apparel and sports equipment manufacturer and store Helly Hansen (HH) is a part of the massive Canadian retailer Canadian Tire. Its current administrative center is in Oslo; from its foundation in 1877 until October 2009, it was based in Moss, Norway.

High-end workwear, technical sailing, and performance ski equipment were all invented by Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen makes a lot of effort to offer top-notch equipment that maintains a sense of life. More than 60,000 experts throughout the world trust the company, which has developed a long list of first-to-market breakthroughs, including the first flexible waterproof materials more than 140 years ago.

The first fleece fabrics, the first technical base layers created with Lifa® Technology, the award-winning and patented H2FlowTM temperature regulation system and LifaloftTM insulation by Primaloft® are some more innovations.

Why is it Called Helly Hansen and What It Is Known For?

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Captain Helly Juell Hansen recognized the need for greater defense against the severe Norwegian elements in 1877. He started soaking some coarse linen in linseed oil along with his wife, Maren Margarethe. Helly Hansen was founded as a result of this cutting-edge process, which produced clothes that were weather resistant for maritime personnel.

Helly Hansen is a pioneer in high-end workwear, technical sailing, and performance ski clothing.

As well as Olympians, national teams, and visitors to more than 200 ski regions and mountain resorts, more than 60,000 professionals trust and wear its ski apparel.

Is Helly Hansen good for cold weather?

Professionals all around the world rely on LIFA®, the original Helly Hansen base layer, to keep them warm and insulate them during chilly conditions.

Since it will drain moisture away from the skin and keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, it functions best when layered beneath another article of clothing. Helly Hansen is one of the leading suppliers of premium outdoor gear.

Is Helly Hansen a good company?

One of the top manufacturers of high-quality outdoor gear is Helly Hansen. Some of the best sailing equipment and ski jackets available for protection and comfort are made by them. When you choose to purchase a Helly Hansen jacket for your outdoor activities, we believe you can’t go wrong.

Are Helly Hansen jackets durable And Waterproof?

Even though it doesn’t compress as tiny as we’d like, the Helly Hansen Loke Jacket is breathable, resilient, and waterproof and makes an excellent shell.

With an improved design, our hardshell jacket that won awards is back.

Due to its construction with our proven HELLY TECH® Professional 3-layer, waterproof, breathable, and windproof technology, this jacket provides the highest level of weather protection.

What is Helly Tech made of?

Polymer polyurethane (PU)-based membranes and coating technologies are used in the construction of Helly Tech®.

The PU membrane gives the fabric its softness and stretch, while the coating makes it waterproof and breathable.

What is so great about Helly Hansen?


After then, Helly Hansen was one of the first clothes manufacturers to use plastic. The apparel business underwent a revolution thanks to this technological advancement.