MEL Science Reviews | Children’s Science Experiments

What Draws Kids to Science, do you know? These are experiments!

What occurs when kids are eager to attempt a task from a textbook despite it being potentially hazardous at home? What steps should be taken? MEL Science has introduced a revolutionary STEM box subscription service, bringing science to life in the comfort of your home.

How do STEM boxes work?

STEM boxes, plastic containers utilized in schools, are filled with educational tools and supplies. They contain items such as toothpicks, playdough, building blocks, and more, as well as a set of instructional cards and illustrations of various engineering designs. Educators often keep these kits on hand for their students to utilize during their free time. They are especially useful for students who finish their assignments before others, giving them a productive activity to engage in. Parents can also benefit from these STEM kits by keeping their kids both entertained and educated at home. Imagine the excitement your child will feel receiving a monthly delivery of a science kit packed with hands-on experiments.


MEL Chemistry, a monthly subscription service, provides children with safe and educational chemistry projects. Ideal for homeschoolers without access to school labs and parents eager to give their kids hands-on science experience, the MEL Science team has expertly sourced the most captivating and secure chemistry projects. Subscribers receive all necessary components and instructions with each delivery of sophisticated science kits, including a free starter kit for the first month with chemistry supplies, safety glasses, a phone holder, a macro lens, and a VR headset. With five to six engaging experiments delivered every month for a duration of 18 months, this subscription is sure to inspire and educate.

When children are having fun, they learn more

Emphasizing the importance of school to your children and how it prepares them for future career opportunities may not always be effective, as children often prioritize fun over education. To combat this, MEL Science offers an innovative solution by incorporating virtual reality technology with hands-on chemistry experiments, providing children with an interactive and engaging way to build a strong scientific foundation. This allows kids to experience and understand various aspects of life, such as how the equipment operates and the science behind weather patterns

Science Subscriptions at MEL

When selecting a MEL Science subscription, consider your child’s age and desired level of scientific education. MEL Science offers different subscription options based on age, including

  • MEL Kids (ages 5-9)
  • MEL Chemistry (ages 10-14)
  • MEL Physics (ages 8-14+).

Parental involvement is required for all levels, with a focus on either physics or chemistry. There are various payment options available, such as a one-month free trial when pre-paying for nine months or receiving three months for free when pre-paying for twelve months. This latter option is the more cost-effective choice, saving $104.70.

Review of MEL Kids

MEL Science provides kits suitable for children aged 5 to 10 and older, featuring a combination of hands-on projects and augmented reality (AR) lessons. Students enhance their understanding of science through AR, allowing them to add virtual elements to real-life scenarios. Each monthly subscription box includes a self-made project with simple instructions, suitable for independent completion by some children, and featuring visual instructions to accommodate those who cannot read.                                                        Projects are made with durable materials such as wood and plastic, ensuring their longevity. Along with reading a comic to learn about the science behind each project, children can also use a downloadable app to explore the projects in AR.

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