Lawn Care

McIntosh Apple Tree

A wonderful canopy that provides a little shade and a lot of apples

Easy to grow and rather prolific, McIntosh is the most popular apple tree for home gardens in the U.S. So popular, in fact, that a certain company named their famous computers after it! This is a great all-purpose apple that ripens in September. It has soft flesh and a skin that peels easily—great for eating fresh or using in baking, ciders, and sauces.

This cold-hardy Canadian native is not self-pollinating, so you’ll need to plant another variety nearby to get fruit—a major attraction for pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds!

Need a cross-pollinator? Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and Granny Smith apple trees can get the job done.

Heads up! Don’t plant near trees in the walnut family. This tree is sensitive to juglone, a compound walnut trees produce that makes it hard for other plants to grow around them.

Sunlight Exposure:- Full sun

Growing Rate:- Moderate

Mature Height:- 12-15ft.

Mature Spread:- 12-15ft.

Bloom Color:- White

Foliage Color:- Green

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