Things That Have Drastically Changed With Passing Years


The world has changed a lot with every passing year. The lives led by our ancestors were far simpler than ours in every sense. The luxuries that we have today are all because of science & technology & we couldn’t have been more thankful. Life could be really different if we look back in the ancient times & compare our scenarios.

We have gathered some pictures that truly reflect how different times were from now & what a change we see in today’s world.

1. Tea Making Process was different

2. Ironing was a heavy task back then


3. Children preferred different toys

4. Laundry Machines looked & worked differently

5. Rides were quite exciting even in those times

6. Shopping has definitely become fun now

7. Which Flight Would you Choose?

8. World has become smaller

9. Shower head number has been reduced

10. And Some things Never Change