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How To Improve Your WiFi While You’re Stuck At Home?

Quality internet service is the first thing that comes to your mind especially when people want to stay safe from coronavirus. It has become a very important thing more than ever. Whatever may be the reason, using your WiFi to work or just indulge in binge watching with streaming and gaming, wireless internet is required.

Life becomes beautiful when your home WiFi is doing good. So everything depends on how much money you should spend, you can improve your WiFi situation with that. When you don’t want to spend money, there are steps to fix your busted WiFi right now.

Things you can do for free

It is quite a known thing that WiFi only works with a functional router. But it is not possible to use a router anywhere and expect great performance. Things could be much simpler that way, but the reality is that wireless signals can not operate on their own and we need to work on that.

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep your router away from the basement, or in a cupboard, or away from the devices you use. The router needs to be placed in a central location. If it is located far from the apartment, make sure there is a long cable with it.

Improving your signal is easy by putting the router in an elevated position and making open air available between the router and any device that you use. Avoid placing it on the floor in order to help it. Walls, especially thick ones, can also be hell for wireless signals. It’s possible for other electronic devices in close proximity to the router to disrupt the signal, too.

Keeping the router away from other devices always works. Also try to keep the signal smooth by not letting it pass through many walls. Keeping it at a height also works well. Last comes the limiting the number of devices you have connected to WiFi to get better speed and network.

Things that are not free, but can help

There can be times when the problem is more serious than just a simple router placement. This situation brings down all your efforts that you have put in. Still there are few steps that can help you fix your WiFi by paying.


In case you don’t want to spend money, get some ethernet cables and try wiring as many devices as possible. This process is actually not very convenient and can lead to a mess created out of that cable lot. Despite that if you have signal issues, try developing a direct connection between your device and router.

In case the signal strength of your Wifi is fine but the speed is causing a problem, you surely need to pay for better connection. We just hope your internet works smoothly as of now, but for the future this option does exist.  You can even get into a discussion with the ISP to know the speed plans for what you are exactly paying. If you feel the possibility just get a boost!

Hopefully, these tricks shall help you out! We wish you best of luck!


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