How Quaderno Solves the Problem? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quaderno

Quarderno Details

Quaderno is a tax compliance tool for digital companies worldwide, providing automatic taxation compliance for SaaS and eCommerce businesses.

It supports tax laws in any country, from US earnings tax to VAT to GST, allowing merchants to focus more on their business than on tax compliance. In addition to sales tax control, Quaderno offers automatic invoicing, instant tax reports, and a range of useful integrations. Its goal is to help business owners customize Quaderno to their specific needs and brand.

Quaderno’s software has a playful and easy-to-use layout, suitable for both accredited accountants and first-time entrepreneurs. The team is small, dispersed globally, and committed to striving for improvement, staying transparent, working smarter, choosing positivity, and having fun. The team at Quaderno values a healthy work-life balance that allows them to pursue hobbies and spend quality time with family and friends.

The documentation is organized into three areas:

  • Quaderno.js
  • Quaderno Checkout
  • Quaderno API
  • enable businesses to calculate sales taxes,
  • sell products and subscriptions,
  • and manage receipts from the backend.
Company Size Headquarters  
Computer Software
11-50 Employee
Las Palmas, Las Palmas  
Privately Held  
Tax compliance,  
sales tax automation,  
customer support,  
Tax receipts, Tax calculation,
Tax reports,
Integrations with 20+ apps,
SaaS e-commerce

Overview of Quaderno

Automatically calculating tax for every sale is one of the best features that increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the client’s workload. However, it can be difficult to calculate the appropriate tax, especially with the introduction of GST, where different tax slabs apply to different products, and updating the system to reflect these changes can be time-consuming.

Features of Quaderno

  • An API that gets out of your way.
  • The integration will several payment gateways.
  • Taxes Management.
  • EU VAT Complaint.
  • Full invoice customization with your logo and your template.
  • SSL enabled by default.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Full Account export.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Quaderno


Determining the right price for SaaS products can be challenging since they are sold globally with varying sales tax codes, including VAT, GST, and sales tax. To ensure tax compliance, a SaaS company must charge the correct amount of sales taxes in each region where it sells its product.

However, this can be difficult, as some regions have no sales tax, while others have rates as high as 20%. To address this challenge, some companies charge the highest possible sales tax rate and include it in the product price, while others use an average tax rate and include it in the product price. Some companies choose not to include any sales tax in the product price and instead add the additional fee at checkout, depending on the customer’s location.


Quaderno Pricing

Quaderno offers three pricing plans, ranging from $49.0 to $149.0. Unfortunately, they do not offer a free trial. Take a look at each pricing plan and its features to determine which edition fits your budget and meets your needs.




Quaderno Solves the Problem

Quaderno allows you to generate customized and automated invoices that apply the correct sales tax to your product price in real time during the checkout process before the customer enters their payment information. For example, a customer in the US would see a product price of $10.00, while a customer in France without a VAT number would see a product price of $12.00, which includes a 20% sales tax rate automatically.

While Quaderno provides useful information and tax best practices, they are not certified tax advisors. If you are ever unsure or need further assistance, it is recommended that you consult with a professional tax advisor or accountant.