Celebrities and their Strange Ways of facing Paparazzi

Paparazzi doesn’t leave a chance to stalk stars and peep into their daily lives. We know how much celebrities can get bothered with such random photography and intrusion of their personal spaces. While the stubborn paparazzi leaves no stone upturned to capture the most famous faces, celebrities have found out new ways to respond to the intrusion.

Have a look at these pictures and you will get to know what we are talking about-

Hair coming to rescue Eva Mendes

Tit for tat by Mark Wahlberg and his friends

Boyfriend is always helpful

Paparazzi gets greeted by Daniel Radcliff’s tongue

Tricks to make paparazzi lose interest

Notes to draw attention to the right things by Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

Soda Treatment for Paparazzi by Britney Spears

Leonardo knows to accessorize in the right way

David Hoffman is all set to strike back with a camera

En route to Egypt-Note by Benedict Cumber batch

Shopping helps Ariel Winter to get away with Paparazzi


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