The Unstoppable Defense of Chicago Bears

Beating the Rams became easy for Bears when the former performed miserably in Chicago on Sunday Night. It felt that the game was clearly slow football game.

In the midst of not so cold weather, quarterback Jared Goff performed totally off the game offensively. Nothing could make the fall of the Rams except for their poor performance in the game.
What really could be concluded was that Bears defense is a tough fight for every team and not just Rams who did quite well against the Chiefs.
Bears perform really well and displayed a worth praising defense view. They were power packed enough to stop the strong offenses.
The Bears had Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Eddie Jackson and Roquan Smith to their rescue. The defense that we have seen was undoubtedly one of the most powerful ones.
Rams on the other hand have been playing this game over 400 yards of offense. They scored 98 in the first half of Chicago. The sight of Goff looking completely puzzled and shocked was quite a memorable one. The seasons worsts were considered Goffs 180 passing yards, four interceptions & 45 percent completion rate. Their defense was the only good thing that could be associated with them. But Rams are all about their offence which clearly was brought down by the unstoppable Bears.
Todd Gurley’s performance was also stunning to watch. He had just 28 yards on 11 carries and three catches for 30 yards. His efforts included no running lanes & no receiving opportunities.
The defense game was surreal and clearly unstoppable & Goldman led the defense effort in a 15-6 victory over the NFC West Champions Rams on Sunday night. After the game, all we could think was the unstoppable defense efforts of the Bears.


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