7 Weird Beauty Hacks Which People Used like Crazy in The Past

For the vast majority of people on earth, beauty is very important. It improves a person’s personality and self-assurance. But have you ever considered life before the creation of cosmetics and beauty products?

We investigated the issue and discovered strange beauty tricks that people used to look stylish and gorgeous.

Check out the list here-

Face Patches

Beauty Patches were patches made to cover scars and blemishes on the face. These patches later became status symbols and necessary cosmetic finishing products. These patches were made from fabric and created in a variety of shapes.

Mud Bath with Crocodile Waste

It has long been thought that mud has healing qualities that are beneficial for the muscles, skin, and even hair. The ancient Greeks and Romans shared this belief, albeit with a different twist. They thought that crocodile poop’s anti-aging characteristics could make one look younger. Back then, taking a warm mud and crocodile feces bath was a common beauty treatment.


Although using urine to whiten teeth may sound revolting, it has been done. It was a component of mouthwash and toothpaste. Urine’s ammonia concentration was effective in cleaning teeth.


The plant belladonna is poisonous by nature. It was well-recognized in ancient times to help create an attractive appearance. Eye drops containing plant extracts were utilized to make the eyes appear beautiful. Later, it was found that the plant’s toxicity might cause irreversible blindness.

Rib Removal

The most coveted physical quality in women has always been a small waist. In Victorian times, the concept of the Wasp waist was highly popular. To make their waists appear small and thin, some even chose to have their ribs removed. These women have a lot of options for making themselves look beautiful, which may sound strange.

Radio Active Cosmetics

Before scientists discovered the negative consequences of radioactive elements, these substances were found in cosmetics like lipstick, lotions, cleansers, etc. These products made claims about having amazing anti-aging properties and giving skin a radiant appearance.

Lotus Feet

Did you know that in the past, people would tie their feet and reduce their size to make them more attractive? In the tenth century, foot binding was a common practice in China. This attention-seeking tactic quickly gained enough traction and became so commonplace that it was used to select brides. A 3-inch foot was thought to be the ideal bride, while a 5-inch foot was seen as disastrous.