7 Weird Beauty Hacks Which People Used like Crazy in The Past


Beauty has great importance for majority of the population all over the world. It adds to the confidence & personality of an individual. But have you ever thought of life before makeup and beauty products were invented?

Well we looked into the matter and found out weird beauty hacks which people indulged in to look beautiful and stylish.

Check out the list here-

Face Patches

Beauty Patches were patches designed to hide blemishes and facial scars. Later, these patches became essential beauty finishing products and a status symbol. These patches were designed in all kinds of shapes and were cut out of fabric.

Mud Bath with Crocodile Waste

It is an age-old belief that mud has therapeutic properties which are great for the muscles, skin & even hair. The ancient Greek & Romans too believed the same but with a twist. They believed that crocodile poop could make one look younger due to the anti-ageing properties. Bathing in warm mud & crocodile poop bath was quite popular beauty treatment in those days.


The use of urine sounds really gross, but it is true that urine was used for whitening the teeth. It was used in tooth pastes and mouth washing liquids. The ammonia content of urine worked and helped in cleaning teeth.


Belladona is a plant which is toxic in nature. In the ancient times, it was known to contribute towards beautiful look. The plant extracts were used as eye drops to make eyes look attractive. Later it was discovered that the toxicity of the plant could lead to permanent blindness.

Rib Removal

A slim waist has always been the most desirable trait of women. The idea of having Wasp waist was quite popular in Victorian times. Models even opted for rib removal process to make their waist look tiny & slim. It sounds really weird, but these women could do a lot to look stunning.

Radio Active Cosmetics


Before the scientists came up with the harmful effects of radioactive elements, such elements were used in cosmetic products like lipsticks, creams, cleansers, etc. These products claimed to provide radiant looking skin along with a wonderful anti-ageing effect.

Lotus Feet

Did you know that there was a time when feet were tied and made smaller in order to make them attractive? This foot binding activity was practiced in China in the 10th Century. Soon this attention seeking trick became so popular and mandatory that it became the basis of choosing brides. It was believed that the most desirable bride had a 3 inch foot whereas a 5 inch foot was considered a disaster.