6 Startling Pictures that Prove Future is going to be Really Exciting


Have you ever been fascinated by the cool technology stuff that Hollywood movies show? I am sure you have. Hollywood has always made us believe that there are many great possibilities and these pictures state that we are heading slowly and steadily towards such inventions, heard & seen like never before .

Look at these pictures that will give you a peek a boo into the future-

1. Stay Connected Forever

We all have experienced low network zone in various part of the countries at some or the other point of time. But with the developing technology, no network zone is no more a problem. The goTenna mesh allows users to connect via messages without any internet network. Who would have ever thought in the 90’s that this could happen? But its happening and surely there is more to come.

2. Plane or Car you decide?

Planes and cars both are quite fascinating machines. There exist some fastest cars and highest-flying planes. But who would have thought of a plane that works as a plane and a car at the same time. Here is a real time example of flying car. It can be transformed from its driving mode to flying mode within a few seconds. It is controlled by a computer and an individual need to pass an intricate exam to obtain a pilot license.

3. Your Body Your Choices

21st century is all about freedom and making choices without any domination. Also, this is the age of gadgets and power techniques changing the world. But changing appearance entirely from tip to toe is something like challenging God for his creativity. We did not see that coming. Unlikely the ancient times, people are looking forward to change enthusiastically. This guy is an example of such upcoming changes. He went through many surgeries and spent thousands of dollars just to look like a human ken doll. I guess future is going to be more about changes.

4. Wear What your FB followers like



Social media has already become a part of our lives. In fact, people tend to take many decisions based on the likes and dislikes on Facebook. The time when people would dress up based on the number of likes & dislikes is not quite far. Some places like Brazil have already started this social ritual. There are clothing hangers linked to Facebook, which are used for decision making. One can look at the number of likes on the hanger and go with the related choices.

5. Make the communication with your dog better

Life has gone a step ahead with technology and now you can know exactly what your dog tries to tell you. There is a translating device invented which analyses the sounds and emotions of the dog and translates it to you. As soon as the dog barks, you can get to know what he wants to say. I am sure future has a lot in store for us, when clearly this is the beginning.

6. The Clear View Mask

This is a special type of mask designed for better view while the person is diving. It is a dome shaped mask which covers just the nose and the mouth. The eyes stay uncovered leaving the view totally clear.

They say invention is the mother of necessity, we feel invention is not just the mother of necessity. Terrific inventions are on the verge of existence and all because of interests, curiosities and luxurious needs. Surely the future is going to be way more exciting than present!