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How a day at beach can change your brain?

There is nothing better than randomly choosing a destination that has water and heading towards it with your packed bags. Undoubtedly there is something magical in these heart throbbing trips to oceanic places. The warmth of the sun, sound of the waves and the wind playing with your hair seem to take away all the worries of life. The ocean vibes give a long-lasting happiness that energizes the body but also rejuvenates the soul and keep us going in high spirits.

The beaches are loved and visited by people all across the globe due to the pleasure people experience there. But there is lot more to it. According to Science, a day at beach can change your brain and make you happier.

As per Science, taking a trip to the beach can affect your mental health and make it better. For many of us it might feel hard to digest that how a trip to the beach can alter your happiness? True to your dismay, Science backs up this fact, and here are some points stating the same. 

It helps with depression

Depression is a common phenomenon that people are suffering from. Some time spent at a beach can make one feel peace & serenity. The strong sound of waves serves the purpose of effective meditation techniques, that eventually help people with depression & improve mental health. 

Enhances Creativity

As per the American Association for Advancement of Science Journal, spending time around blue color can help promote creativity & enhance the thinking process. It affects the mind and takes the attention towards new ways of dealing with things.

Calms down the Mind

We ingest ions while relaxing at a beach. As per a recent report by NBC News, ion therapy can help with various disorder symptoms. It relaxes the mind and helps in treating various disorders.

Relaxes the feet

Staying in warm sand can take your relaxing game at a new level. Have you ever tried soaking your feet in warm sand? It surely is one the best way to de-stress and give your feet some sand therapy.

Nothing at all

My personal favorite thing to do at a beach is stare at the waves or just sit quietly doing nothing at all near the water. Try doing it. It’s a simple way to dis connect from the world and go to your own la la land!

Do not frown if you are not an ocean person or you do not have accessibility to ocean. There are many ways to change your life with a twist of new activities like performing exercises, shopping, spending time with your family, etc. Choose a direction to shift your mind and life will be yours!



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