5 Qualities that every Stan Lee fan must learn from him!

The creator of all Marvel superheroes exists no more, and it just can’t be sadder. Unfortunately, we lost the legend on November 12, 2018. He was 95 and has left behind a whole new world of comic storytelling.

Our imagination took a new leap with the characters created by this great man. It would not be wrong to call him the Father of the superheroes who were introduced to us for the first time ever by this great man.
After taking the setback of his demise, we are looking forward to knowing things that are super close to Stan Lee and are unforgettable.

Some lessons that we can take from his wonderful life are shared here-

Racism is not Cool

Stan Lee did not believe in racism. When questioned about all his popular characters being of white origin, he had clearly stated, “I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stays that way. But we originally made him white.” It really didn’t matter to him and that’s the way it should be! Black Panther is one character that reflects the same!

Some Super heroic qualities must be Ours!

The characters of all his super heroes had been crafted with a sense of specialization by Mr. Lee. Who can think of a superhero who is blind and still the savior (DareDevil). Well only those who have an explicable art and imagination like Stan Lee can get to such creation. The most common features of all his characters were compassion & selflessness which I guess we all should possess.   

Failures are a part of Life

There was a time when Marvel was sold to Disney & Stan Lee had no equity in it. At that point, he clarified that he had always been casual about money which can bring troubles. There were times when some of his works did not become popular like the others. Comic books like Backstreet Project didn’t work which clearly shows failures are part of life and we should deal with them in a positive manner.


Money & Charity go hand in hand

The great man earned huge amount of money through his marvelous creations. But it was not all that he did. His fans will be fascinated by the fact that he has been quite a generous donor in the years 1981 to 2001. He also founded the Stan Lee foundation to raise the level of arts & artists and had helped in providing education. Thus, he was not just a great writer but also a good human.

Make use of whatever you Have


All the characters created by Stan Lee have some or the other special skill. For instance, Spider Man cannot fly because he doesn’t possess the cape or wings. Instead, he has the web creating power. He uses that skill in such a way that he doesn’t need a cape to reach here and there. If we analyze every character, we get to know the conceptual clarity with which these characters were created. The lesson is hidden but deep. One should learn to make use of whatever he/she possesses, in the best possible way and see how it turns the situations in your favor.


We love all the characters created by Stan Lee. All Stan Lee fans will always remember him as and when these characters appear in cameos and comics.


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