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WP Beaver Builder Review | How to install Beaver Builder?


Beaver Builder is a user-friendly page builder that enables you to effortlessly create sophisticated page designs without writing a single line of code. With its quick and flexible features, it offers plenty of design options for WordPress users of all levels.

As a comprehensive design system, Beaver Builder includes a page builder plugin and a framework theme that will help you build the website that fits your needs. It also seamlessly integrates with WPML, allowing you to translate all of your modules side by side if you desire a multilingual site.

With Beaver Builder, you can effortlessly create sections, position images and text with precision, and create content-rich pages with elements like tabs, slideshows, videos, and more. And the best part is, it works on the front end of your site, meaning the designs you create are exactly what your visitors will see once you hit publish.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What Beaver Builder is, what it does, and what problem it solves.
  • How to download, install, and set up Beaver Builder.
  • How to use rows and columns to create page layouts.
  • How to use pre-made site templates to quickly build starter pages.
  • How to create custom blog posts and archive page templates.
  • How to configure and use the various Beaver Builder modules.
  • How to use the Headings, Text Editor, and Photos modules.
  • How to create Callouts and Buttons with Beaver Builder.
  • How to make Contact and Subscribe Forms in Beaver Builder.
  • How to add and style a group of photos using the Gallery module.
  • How to add audio and video to your Beaver Builder pages.
  • Where to find support and take your Beaver Builder skills to the next level.

How to Install Beaver Builder?


We’ll explain how to get the fully featured version of the Beaver Builder page developer module that is eligible for both remote updates and support. The Beaver Builder module is available in a few varieties.


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The Beaver Builder Product Suite

The fundamental component, called Beaver Builder, is used to create content designs. Almost any WordPress theme can be used with the module, but the Beaver Builder Theme provides a great pairing.

Additionally, you have more prominent adjustability with the Beaver Builder module when it comes to entire page formats, including headers, footers, and sidebars.

Together, these three components provide a comprehensive plan suite that gives you complete control over every aspect of a Word Press site plan.


Beaver Builder Products Mentioned

  • Beaver Builder – the page manufacturer module.
  • Beaver Builder Theme – the structure subject that is firmly coordinated with the Beaver Builder module.
  • Beaver Themer – the separate module that gives intuitive instruments to making custom topic parts, similar to headers, footers, or substance/sidebar designs.


Working with Rows and Columns

Lines and segments are the first components of every page type Beaver Builder lets you create. These serve as holders for modules and make up the framework of your design. Learn how to use Beaver Builder’s lines and sections to create the structure of your page layouts in this educational exercise video.

You’ll see how to employ lines and sections as the “holders” you’ll use to format different types of content on a page before this video is over.

We’ll look at more models in upcoming exercises. However, you can also consult the authoritative Beaver Builder knowledge source for more models and detailed explanations.

Here is the video



Basics of Beaver Builder-Free Page Builder for Word Press

The Beaver Builder Theme

This subject gives you access to a variety of predetermined styles. Without looking, you may quickly build your website. Finding the right topic that works for your sector while yet differentiating your site from the competition is one of the more challenging aspects of creating an e-commerce website.

You are initially given a few options by Beaver Builder to create your overall plan. To select the sort you need to start, browse the drop-down menu. Even though the differences are quite subtle, this process is meant to give your website or site page a general feel. You then go back to the board and choose your format’s options.

This allows you to pick between a full-width rendition and a boxed or standard adaptation.

Currently, you can control the overall typography for the body text and headings. Since you’ve established the purpose of your website, the next steps entail changing the header, making additional content choices, such as the general format and footer settings, and, for those with some experience building websites, having the ability to include CSS or JavaScript code, along with codes for the body and footer, along with head segments for HTML.


Beaver Builder Pros

Whether you are just starting or have a few destinations under your belt, there are a staggering number of advantages to choosing Beaver Builder.

The Beaver Builder theme is great for people that need to completely redesign their website, as stated in the Beaver Builder topic survey. This is also perfect for those who have struggled with website creation. Because of the personalization and intuitive organizing provided by the Beaver Builder Theme, it is quite straightforward.


This Beaver Builder subject audit’s main selling point appears to be how easy it is to use. There is no need to master new skills or make adjustments because you may start without any preparation and work your way slowly toward creating your substance. You can start by downloading, and you are already making great progress. Most people who have previously struggled with comparable products will find this point of view to be extremely clever.

Beaver Builder Cons

There are a few flaws, just like with other Word Press developers we review. It is important to understand them before deciding on this item.



Beaver Builder is very expensive for the quality that it provides. It is somewhat reasonable when taking into account the rivalry and recharge costs. The Beaver Builder comes in four different forms. For beginners, the free light developer is fantastic. The Standard, which costs $99, is the modification with the lowest price. As much as I’d like to, I believe it is rather exaggerated. This is based on the fact that Divi, Brizy, and both the free and commercial versions of Elementor are all more affordable.



Final Thoughts

In general, we agree that the maker of beavers is a fantastic option. In reality, we advise scrutinizing each page developer in our audits. We are aware that not all manufacturers and developers are the best choices for every client.

All things considered, choosing Beaver Builder as your first developer is a solid and reliable choice.