What Is Individual Software Inc? What Are Individual Software Major Features?

Individual Software Inc., based in Livermore, California, has been transforming the lives of home, school, and office PC users for over four decades.

Since its establishment in 1981, the privately held company has been a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software. 

Its solutions have empowered numerous home and office PC clients to achieve success in their daily lives, and have provided basic computer training and career development opportunities for thousands of Fortune 500 companies, schools, colleges, and workforce development centers.


Individual Software Features


Typing Instruction



Upgrade your writing skills today with Writing Instructor. Its innovative design, honed over 19 years of development, offers the ideal lessons, assessments, and reinforcement activities to help you achieve writing excellence.


Family Tree Heritage



Uncover your family history with Genealogical Heritage. The easy-to-use platform simplifies the process of searching for ancestors and building your family tree. With just a click, you can access a vast collection of records and vital documents for your forebears, streamlining your research efforts.


Professor Teacher



Elevate your tech skills with Teacher Teaches, the comprehensive multimedia training program for all major Microsoft applications, and more. Benefit from its helpful voice narration and engaging visuals to enhance your learning experience.


Resume Maker



Maximize your job search potential with ResumeMaker. Packed with powerful features, it helps you write an outstanding resume, secure a better job, and earn a higher salary. Whether you’re actively seeking employment or ready for a career move, ResumeMaker has got you covered.


Individual Software Inc. Partners with AWE learning on the Launch of Platinum



AWE Learning, operating under Amazement Acquisition, Inc., is proud to announce its partnership with Individual Software Inc. Based in Chester, Pennsylvania, AWE Learning is a leading provider of digital learning solutions for public libraries across the United States and Canada.

Its latest offerings, Early Literacy Station™ Platinum, Bilingual Spanish Literacy Station Platinum, and Afterschool Edge™ Platinum, each feature over 75 new software titles spanning the STREAM subjects (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) for young learners. AWE Learning is excited to integrate Individual Software Inc’s writing program, Writing Instructor, into its Platinum stations. This writing software provides students with an engaging and educational experience that promotes typing skills while also meeting public technology standards for keyboarding, as well as common core and state standards.



With AWE Learning’s collaboration with Individual Software Inc., their educational software will reach a wider audience and positively impact young learners. Individual Software Inc’s educational activities help build important school readiness skills, setting students up for success in the classroom and beyond. According to President and CEO Jo-L Hendrickson, “Writing Instructor provides every tool for young learners to effectively learn how to type. Students can choose from various writing plans based on their age or skill level, making it a customized solution for each student.”

Dr. Deborah B. Sorgi, President and CEO of AWE Learning, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Individual Software Inc. Companies like Individual Software Inc. offer a wealth of leading educational content for our target age group and markets. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. In today’s connected world, critical skills are acquired and honed all day. By addressing the core literacy skills of young learners, we’re reducing the need for intervention programs and providing access to endless opportunities for growth and connection. We are confident that young learners everywhere will greatly benefit from these exciting new titles.”






The decision is a cloud-based IT management solution designed to help organizations automate their processes, from requirement gathering to project planning, tracking, and quality management on a unified platform. Key features include real-time updates, pipeline management, status tracking, approval process control, role-based permissions, and alerts.

The app provides workflows for users to submit forms, send messages, and import Word documents. It allows managers to prioritize tasks and allocate resources accordingly. The decision offers a collaborative workspace, enabling team members to plan and track project activities together. Managers can also link tasks to requirements and projects, monitoring progress in real-time. Help desk leaders can use custom forms and rules to streamline communication and identify high-priority issues using dynamic SLA alerts.