Lawn Care

Strawberry Sundae® Hydrangea Shrub

Show-stopping, bee-loving blooms on an easy-care shrub

Strawberry Sundae has a smaller silhouette than most hydrangeas, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flower power. The full-sized clusters bloom out in lime-green, quickly turn creamy white, warm to soft pink, and finally darken to a rich magenta. Often you get all of these colors on the shrub at once!

Plant this dense shrub in containers on a sun-dappled porch or grouped together under a tree to brighten a shady spot. This hydrangea shrub is so stunning we offer it in tree form as well!

Safety first: Toxic to pets and kids if ingested.

Heads up! Don’t plant near trees in the walnut family. This plant is sensitive to juglone, a compound walnut trees produce that makes it hard for other plants to grow around them.

Sunlight Exposure:- Full sun to part shade

Growing Rate:- Moderate

Mature Height:- 4-5ft.

Mature Spread:- 3-4ft.

Bloom Color:- White, pink, red

Foliage Color:- Green

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