Servermania Hosting Review – Detailed Analysis Report

The growth and development of web hosting industry is beyond limits. The pace of growth is really fast and steady. The growing rate is at 16% and is sure to reach higher. It is sure to reach a total value of over $150 billion by 2022. Despite large web hosting and cloud providers ruling the industry, there remains quite a lot of scope of development for small niche hosting providers to take over as profitable hosting business.

Web hosting infrastructure could be an expensive and complicated deal to setup. Thus, hosting providers opt for reseller hosting. Through leasing a server or reseller hosting plan, to be sold from many individual sellers to customers, Business get into earning profits. One such set up for providing hosting service is ServerMania. But the real question is that whether or not it is worth using? Here are certain points that give an honest review of ServerMania.

ServerMania, founded in 2002, is a top Canadian hosting service that deals in web hosting, hybrid servers, VPS, dedicated servers, and security in addition to storage and security services.


ServerMania app hosting and dedicated servers (Windows/Linux) are some of the best hosting servers. Some of its key features that contribute towards its premium quality are-

  • Data protection
  • DDoS solutions
  • Custom configurations
  • Up to 20TB Bandwidth
  • WHMCS/cPanel
  • Popular CMS apps
  • Customized hosting
  • 1GBps Network Speed
  • 24×7 tech support all round the year

Pricing and Support

Customers tend to pay a lot for enterprise-grade hosting or servers. Usually there isn’t much value received in return. ServerMania is an ideal solution to this problem. The user friendly, highly customizable and competitively-priced packages help in providing high quality services in return of fair prices.

Servermania Hosting Review

Customers get many decent features and options even at basic prices.

With upgradation, one can unlock more RAM, storage space, and up to 4TB transfer bandwidth.

ServerMania focusses on having a multilingual sales and support team. The teams usually speak in Spanish, French, Polish, and English. The support team comprises of server management experts and technicians who work 247 to ensure proper delivery of services to the customers.

How much does ServerMania cost?

ServerMania offers multiple plans with various price ranges. The prices depend on the various hosting plans chosen. The prices for Single Processor 250 GB is $29, and for Single Processor 120 GB is $29. Similarly, the prices for Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 250GB and Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 1.5 TB goes from $39 to $59.

Which ServerMania Plan Will Suit You?

A cheap plan is the best to start with.

Plans can always be upgraded as per the requirements.

In fact, ServerMania team shall help you in choosing the right plan and migrating to another plan.

How is Server Mania’s customer support?

Well, the customer support is not the best but yes its helpful. Possibly, because of ServerMania being a small hosting provider.


ServerMania gives access to tailor made hosting solutions. The primary focus of this brand is to serve customers with excellent services, great support and top class enterprise grade hosting hardware.

Features like no shared hosting packages and non-refundable payments are the only negative points.


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